The dollar has 18 cents to $ 44.61


After stopping and cutting down seven consecutive recessions, the toller will get back this Friday to be at the heart of the market eyes, after new steps with him are on. The 'Central Bank' which put less weight.

For the better global climate and after the BCRA established new limits for the places where Leliq banks are set to ease the pressure on US spending, this dollar fell on Thursday 23 cents to $ 44.69.

He therefore cut seven consecutive increases in banks and organizations in the city of Buenos Aires, on average.

It was balanced by the Single and Free Trade Market (MULC), where the money dropped 24 pence to $ 43.63.

It should be noted that during the visit, the money authority had set new limits to the financial institutions' premises keeping up in law letters (Leliq) with the aim of increasing the target in rates. encouragement of bank investments.

Employees have advised that the path has been designed to wreck the converted car park in the last few days with the important dollarization of the packs.

“There was a more relaxed external climate and the measures put out by the bank, aimed at encouraging a greater shift of penny-set loans, which has added to a new shift in interest level; apparently comes together to reduce the weight of the money. The American, getting a soft adjustment that some analysts say it might be deeper next week, "said Gustavo Quintana, from PR Corredores de Cambio.

ABC Market of Changes largely discloses that "these measures have now closed with the Central Belt breaking the extent to which the dollar is sold." although it was taken just yesterday before the day started yesterday, as tomorrow is the last day of the month, and banks, companies and investors are going to bring hedges. t in tolls, after leaving futures for which there was an unpaid balance of Friday of US $ 750 million. "

As usual, the BCRA made its first sale of Financial Bills (Leliq) at 8 days of $ 91,732 million at a high of 68.58996%. The average complaint rate was 68.237%, with the minimum detection rate of 67.5%.

The second sale for $ 94,332 million was the highest of 68.6475%. The average complaint rate was 68.458%, with 67.750% being the first.

The total daytime rate, which equated to cash policy level at 68.349% (against 67.758% yesterday), was the total amount awarded $ 186.063. T one million.

In Brazil, the money dropped by 2.1% and in Chile they lost 0.5%. However, the Turkish lip continued to fall to a certain extent (-4.5%), so traders warned of a new "storm storm" for the local market.

The most important part of the day was the supply of money and sales orders, punctually reducing the price by $ 43.85 at the bottom of the limit, at $ 43.20. . Thereafter, the prices began with a revival due to the appearance of buyers pushing prices to peaks in the mid-$ 43.83 mid-morning.

The total amount traded in the market decreased to U. $ 608 million, 29% less than it was on Wednesday.

It is remembered that the agreement with the IMF does not allow the BCRA to conduct marketplace interventions, which the market is expected to routinely create when they enter money such as the credit center through the Treasury (from 15 April, with daily connections of US $ 60 million), and particularly those in the field.

“It should be noted that average weekly earnings per week per week are US $ 57 million and the marketing cycle started in mid-April. And on that day, the IMF will distribute the $ 60 million a day to sell its Finance Department, "explained from ABC Mercado de Cambios.

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