The dollar in Chile today


This happens in a context of better information among investors, so that there are more trade talks between China and the United States.

After a week that was moved in the financial markets, a wave of hope is to build the most dangerous resources, and the effects of their emotions are in the end; Silein's equity exchange market, with a fall in exchange rate.

At the end of the day the dollar was $ 682.5, which shows a fall of $ 13.1 in the case of yesterday closure.

This happens in a better context among investors, and waiting for trade talks between China and the United States, which puts pressure on US funds all over the world.

At this time, Dollar Dossier – which makes a difference to the & # 39; hypocrisy with a basket of six international monies – operating with a 0.13% reduction, while the moors that The emergence of the world is greatly appreciated.

Silein's enhancement is also supported by copper repurchase. After two difficult days, all levels of metal income up to 2% increase on Comex.

The hope, which also builds large stock markets in the world, From the positive response to a new arrangement between Washington and Beijing, potentially hoped by owners to end the war between the two giants. The Chinese government confirmed that the two countries of the next week would return to their; board to negotiate.

During the last year, its & # 39; Commercial War has been one of the main problems for Silein's money. On the one hand, it has damaged the market, causing an overflow of money that is going on; emerging into rescue supplies. On the other, the cost of copper has been affected, and the penalty is liable to it.

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