The dollar in Chile today


The local exchange rate ended $ 677.8, as long as the US currency was over. run by a fall in the world.

Money comes to the top of the world; resting from the disaster that lasted in the past, with a new light hoping that a long end could be done; trade warfare, although the dangers in Europe and the Fingal continue to hold reservations to investors.

At the end of the day The dollar in Chile stood at $ 677.8, which shows a fall of $ 5.2 compared to yesterday's closure.

This happens in more context of risk aspiration in global exchange markets. At the moment, the main money is coming out in blocks, with little or no money; deficiencies, although the dollar's international price – which is affected by Dollar Index, which differs with a basket of 0.35% drop.

This comes after the US President, Donald Trump, confirmed in the trade talks with China, which could terminate trade war. In addition, the president said that he was willing to intervene in the case of Meng Wanzhou, chief executive of the Huawei Chinese company, if that is; help both powers to reach agreement.

The commercial war has been one of the elements that add more access to the money that is going on; emerge throughout the year, affecting the prices of the materials and the dangers of the international community of investors when they are; throwing uncertainty about the strength of world growth.

Ahead of risk

Although Theresa May's direct leadership in the United Kingdom, which threatens the threat of European Union leavers, has been directly challenged, the euro is working with a small profit against the dollar, according to markets advanced stock. area.

Indeed, from the market it is possible that a product that adds to the uncertainties in the Middle East could move forward in the & international exchange market.

This is particularly important for the Home Register, as the world's heaviest basketball money is the currency of the US currency.

In addition, the Fèidh factories. And the truth is that the release of the United States inflation today gives reasons to think that the US Army Reserve's room is to Raising levels of interest, which could provide more help for the dollar. .

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