The dollar in Chile today


At the end of the day's work, China's concerns are causing your investors to bet on safer funds.

The weak Chinese economic figures that have been released today show the dollar pattern of the dollar in Chile and the world, as investors are experiencing " A complaint about an asset entitled "dinner".

At the end of local market jobs, it's the $ 685.3 exchange rate, which is represents an increase of $ 3.3 in terms of yesterday's closing price.

This represents the transit of foreign currency money, where the Dollar Dollar is – which is distinguished by a basket of six international funds – rising by 0.47% and is at one month's.

At the same time, the largest in the world will fall into blocks, with the exception of the Japanese yen, also regarded as shelter assets. In that line, there is no money that comes to the top that is; affecting the dollar at that time.

These results are given after China commented on the number of business industry that was under market eye, and # 39; reiterated the warnings about the potential effects of trade war on its economy.

Since the beginning of the aggressive disagreement between the Asian giant and the United States, there are concerns to focus on its & its potential impact on the world's growth and the world's largest two economies.

In addition, for the purposes of Chile's football, national funds tend to be related to copper movements, and since China is the leading metallic users around the world, the signs that are dragging on a business in the country that affects its & # 39; price.

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