The dollar is sold at 36.50 pesos in Posadas


The dollar is sold at 36.50 pesos in Posadas

The average value of the money is in Capital Missionary exchange houses. Yesterday in Buenos Aires before the reinforced pressures in the final offer of Lebac were confirmed, the dollar rises just two pence today to $ 37.25, in banks and groups.

In addition to the slight increase, the second sales ticket was released in a series, moving away from the $ 37 floor that had drilled last month (hit $ 36.38 at & # 39; at least a week).

In Single and Commercial Exchange Market (MULC), the money will change seven to a half cents to $ 36,255, and Maintains a truly decorated floor over $ 36. The amount worked up by 20% to reach $ 569 in total millions

There was a quiet day at the exchange market, with a small daily decrease, and # 39; At the start of the start at $ 36.30 wheel, and at least $ 36.23, at the best times of export of cereal exports, who sold around $ 50 million, according to industry.

"It was a flat day, waiting for the debt of investors that did not improve Lebac. Just this Thursday this market will get rid of the BCRA from being able to the form they believe is most suited, either the situation in a dollar and / or other assets in pesos, which exploit the Interest rates of around 50% "Fernando Izzo, of the Exchange Market, said.

What is the last offer of Lebac (they will end in December and will not be offered the offer), the Central is awarded on Tuesday $ 39.754 million in Lebac to 28 days with an annual nominated 50% rate, as then he was freed to his market more than $ 120,000 million.

It is anticipated that much of this glaciation will have been captured by the Treasury, which issued Letters in Pesos that were modified by CER (LECER) and Capitalizable in Pesos (LECAPs) letters at a monthly level of 4%, both 91 days long.

Another part of the extra weights could go to the dollar, although this Thursday "it's a difficult day to work in the exchange market", due to US holidays (Thanksgiving Day) , called Izzo. It is expected that the activity will be reduced and with little or no chance to be taken into account when a major change is evaluated in the & # 39; current shift.

At the same time, during the day the Central Bank relied on the exchange of pax to a low level of low Leliq certified to 7 days, thus draining 62% per annum (b. 61,954% average cut of output, from 62.118%). The highest is 62.397%, and b & # 39; The sum amounted to $ 97.934 million, compared to a level of $ 74.320 million.

With the last two years rising, the price will be & # 39; move away – for now – from the uninhabited department floor (today at $ 35,717), something similar to coming in the first week of November.

The market is expected to improve the level of decline in the upper stages; getting closer and that the uncertainties in elections are increasing, going on to engage in more force positions.

It is worth noting that weakness ineffective helped money Wednesday to an even more balanced international level after seeing the biggest threat between Monday and Tuesday.

• Other cash markets

In the money market between banks, "cash money" was run at a 60% average. In the ROFEX revenue market, $ 837 million were sold, and more than 60% were agreed between November and December, with prices of $ 37 and $ 38.44 respectively; and 83.34% and 54.99% TNA levels. The futures ended with a loss of more than two pence, compared to the place.

In an informal market, at the same time, four legs of the rose rose to $ 36.30, according to a survey; This midfield in caves in the middle of Buenos Aires. The "counting arrangement" yesterday added 22 days to $ 36.23.

Eventually, the bank of the Central Bank fell $ 223 million on Tuesday and closed at US $ 51,832 million.

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