The dollar rises for the second day after that Terms of Use


The dollar set up an increase of 1.88% for sale to the public during the week, with a day closure at $ 39,027, which reached the highest of the eleventh day.

At a retail level, the increase rate increased by 77 cents compared to last Friday last year, and at $ 38.17 it also reached the highest of the past two weeks.

In the cash extract this business was held on Friday for $ 630.4 million.

In the first section of the wheel, the amount of US currency rose sharply and then cut the ground when the offer was exposed in the market.

This was proven for today's wheel as a result of identified accessibility, with the increase and decrease in prices, which shows the auditor Gustavo Quintana.

In the first part of the wheel, the retail dollar marked an increase of 37 cents and reached its value; up to $ 38.35. Fernando Izzo, of ABC Changes Markets, maintained that the rise was due to the external news and the new increase in the Argentine country threatened to reach 761 points.

On this day, the standard level of Letting Letters fell 6 basic points compared to the previous day, to 59.08%. In these numbers, during the last week, there was a cash policy commentary level within the 59% range, last Friday was 59.16%.

In today's cave, the Central Bank gave a value of $ 125,132 million, which gave $ 34,000 million to the market.

In this way, over the last week, the Central Bank has allowed a cash increase of $ 144,280 million, equivalent to 3,800 million dollars.

In the money market between banks, "cash money" was worked at an average of 58%; As long as there were board discussions or exchange, businesses were approved for 156 million dollars.

In the Rofex income market, a business of $ 1,165 million was completed. Out of all, 70% were entered into contracts with figures in late December and January, with prices at $ 39,075 and $ 40.90.

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