The dollar today: the money is to open a stable, and # 39; taking into account the increase in rural danger and the revitalization of Letes


The country was almost at the highest levels of President Mauricio Macri, the dollar was going to A constant trading in the banks of Buenos Aires Wednesday and the Nation sold foreigner money to $ 38.70.

The retail exchange rate was $ 37.65, sixpence from Tuesday.

The Finance Ministry will try to update this Wednesday$ s1100 million in Government Bills (Letting) in a dollar. He offered a bonus at his & # 39; 4.75% for instruments with a status of 196 days, coming to a degree on 29 June 2019. That is said, it will be essential to recycle around $ 975 for each $ 1,000 of the stated value.

Retail investors can buy tight dollars through these instruments, at a $ 37,6483 dollar, a lower lower than the shop price.

The Central Bank allowed the interest rate of the Leliq Yesterday, by contributing loans to an average yield of 58.97 per cent.

The dollar at $ 38.75 was usually closed for sales of Tuesday stores, almost unchanged from Monday's value. The sale of the sale was $ 37.81, at $ 1.40 from the floor set by Central Bank.

The threat of the country affected the 600 points on November 6 and since then it did not stop rising, until it spent 750 units on Tuesday. The level of differences that Argentina needs to pay is to provide a link, compared to the yield of US resources. This additional cost means that if the country needs to go to its; market, it should cover an interest rate of more than 10% in dollars.

In the opinion of analyst Christian Buteler, the threat prepared by JP Morgan "demonstrates the confidence of his market that he will later get to collect what is It is invested in Argentina ". He said: "Today there is no confidence in maintaining the position, to get rid of the loss of zero about who comes in 2019. Y The Trust is something difficult to get back"

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