The dollar was the highest daily elevation during Sandleris: it jumped 3.7% and hit $ 40


With a variety of factors, a combination of how to write can be described. removal of behavior and behavior; take place at the end of the month, andl dollar jumped 3.7% or $ 1.44 to $ 39.94 and affected a new daily high since Guido Sandleris became a member of Central America. In this way, the fifth collected the ticket's continuing increase in banks and groups in the city of Buenos Aires, in line with the average

He was in a tune with the Single Free Trade Market (MULC), where the money rose 3.9% or $ 1.45 a $ 39.05. It happened in a tour where the BCRA made a 8-day booklet of Liquidation resolution and returned to fall in line with a standard cut to 61% (61,375% on Friday). The sum amounted to $ 134,579 million.

"There are a variety of factors, which can be accounted for on the decommissioning of transportation, important campaigns of external responsibilities and uncomfortable start of closure and compensation of all of the month, it is related to the correction of the dollar given with unexpected size ", sure that the operator was Gustavo Quintana, of PR Corredores de Cambio.
Despite the campaigns, Bank stores explained that; That middle "In the cash market, the potential effects this could still be affected, as all LELIQ standards of the day have been updated without changes in the level of cut ".

For the second consecutive month, the BCRA has on track to overcome the ambition to grow uninhabited. fundraising, and that's why "Looking closely at your cash market to include the inclusion of any diversity that may be in ", said the same sources.

The backdrop combined with the value of the region's price, especially in Brazil, where the money rose 2.5%. In Mexico, the dollar increased by 1.01% and in Chile 0.2%.

The dollar was working to buy clearly and in a situation where there was not enough foreign money. There were prices for climbing from the beginning of the day and her; Progression with a beat that exceeded last Friday last year, which has an important level. On average, it closed down $ 40 but there were many banks that were offered at the end of the day above that value, as it was in Galicia, French, HSCB and Itaú.

For the operator of Christian Buteler, there is an increase in the green ticket at a rural level and responding to three main reasons. In the first instance, the order made by the Central Bank at the beginning of the security month of finance that required financial units to be held on the move, to hinder the induction of short-term financing capital, time. Secondly, there are "more of pesos for Lebac's disarmament last week" and finally, "the Leliq level reduction" that the financial authority has been implementing .

The smallest were recorded in the $ 37.25 with the first work of the session and the move was immediately near purchase orders that increased sharply in price. Movement movement of the exchange rate was well maintained for the final part of the day, when the highest record reached when it was operating at $ 39.15. The total cost was $ 724 million, 32.6% more than Friday.

• Other cash markets

In the money market between banks, money was made; Calls are used at an average level of 60%.

In ROFEX, $ 1511 million were otherwise converted, with over 77% agreed between November and December, with final prices at $ 39.50 and $ 40.92 respectively; and levels of 60.09% and 49.94% TNA. The BCRA is estimated to be; sold in this market. The futures are ready with average increases of $ 1.4 accruing to the rise of the place.

In an informal market, at the same time, the blue went up $ 1.50 to $ 39, according to the survey of this media in caves in the middle of Buenos Aires. The "cash settlement" climbed 91 cents to $ 38.72.

Finally, Conservation of the Central Bank fell $ 145 million this Monday and closed at $ 51,591 million.

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