The double warrior in the world does not block anything


Formula One driver Formula One, Fernando Alonso published earlier this year, was the last season, and the race in Abu Dhabi was the final test of his career. But now there is a celebrity date nearby, the double warrior closed the door again and said he could return.

Alonso, who is a worldwide wedding party from 2005 and 2006, who looks after gray hair, is the last season of McLaren, and has been far to a & # 39; average, saying that it is not said that the last word in this competition is.

"It's hard to talk about it right now, but I do not delete anything, I do not close the door, especially because I do not know how I will be next year , "said Alonso, aged 37.

"I've been doing this all my life. Maybe the next April or May I'm really upset if I just lie on the bed and I will not race. Yes, we see, "said the Spaniard.

He will not completely retire, he will play at least on the 500,000 traditional Indianapolis race, where they will be next year; come to McLaren. For one of his racing goals, Alonso hoped he would no longer be a racing driver in the history of Graham Hill for winning the best three years – the most prestigious races in three races, Monaco in Formula 1, 24 Hours Le Mans and 500 miles from Indianapolis South-

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