The draft NS of the game "The Twilight Occasion" provides support for traditional Chinese. Exist an email now "Re-cook"


The "Do not Knock Twice", a game by the British game developer, Wales Interactive, launched in Europe and the United States on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. It will be in November 2018. On the 29th, I went on board the Nintendo eShop in Japan and supported Chinese traditional. From now on, the players will be ordered in advance by a 10% reduction.

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"A knock to wake her up from her bed, twice to take her from the dead."

Draw up to wake up from bed and to; demolished twice to rebuild it from death.

The game is based on the famous Russian tale of Russia and the story of the film "Do not make a hill on the door". It is said that a deep mother must be guilty of fighting against evil spirits and his / her; Plow her garden to save her girl. Find the truth about the monks behind the witch of evil. The player to play the mother of the story, & # 39; understand the face between the girl and the girl in the investigation process, and also her; Experience the successful atmosphere built by the elements such as witches and sacrifices.

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Directors can get directions by using the girl's newsletter on their mobile phone. In addition, you can pick up and view the scattered texts of medicines, shoes, glass shoes, magazines, photo frames, etc. that provide hidden information. Many things in the game can be explored and worked together. You can familiarize yourself with the stories by clicking on it. explore the objects on the scene. It is recommended that players do not make notes or pictures.

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It appears to be a scanner in its & # 39; a mystery guard who watches all movements. The new blood is on the wall, the non-human footprint and its; slowing down the door to & # 39; making the whole atmosphere extremely busy. There is no background music in the game, but the contemporary sound is created with delicate and reasonable 3D sound effects to create a more reasonable impact. It seems to move around in the same room, but the scenes change quite differently over time. Just by looking carefully at every corner and interacting with what you can see, there is a way to reach the final level to save your daughter and finish it every night.

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"The two times twice" on November 29, 2018, in Japan, Nintendo eShop, a pre-order disaster will get 10%.

Game information

  • Game name: Meet twice

  • Original name to game: Cook the two

  • Game Type: Grass Point

  • Match platform: Switch Nintendo

  • Publication date: November 29, 2018

  • Pre-order date: November 22, 2018

  • Proposed price: 1400 yen (Japanese digital version)

  • Draft language: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Crimean

  • Age level: Level 15

  • Official Website:

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