The draft version of the future priorities would be 12 GB of RAM


xiaomi my 9

Lei Jun, who founded Xiaomi, published a preview of his prominent draft My 9, without communicating some of the amazing features: 12 GB of RAM, for example.

Not only does the chance of 20 February, 2019 find out on Samsung Galaxy S10 and smart smartphone. At the same time, the Chinese logo Xiaomi Conference is also held – in China, however – when it is officially displayed first stunning, the My 9. Device that awaits the & # 39; A big community with its attractive technical record, if we are; refers to recent decline.

Transparent glaze of 0.4 mm

To get more spiritualized issues, the teams from a company of Central America also have a & # 39; lift the eyes on her distinctive appearance from My 9, according to the Weibo message published by its founder Lei Jun and delivered by XDA Developers.

And the smallest thing we can say is that the mobile device has been affected, because & # 39; and has a superficial glass of only 0.4 mm.

More RAM more

Better still, this closure should be armed with very high arrangement, because it is less than that 12 GB of RAM which was integrated with the company. Rare enough to be restricted: only two other RAM devices can be: the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT … and the Galaxy S10 +, on the same day with Samsung.

xiaomi my 9

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