The drama that Carna, the Showmatch actor, lives


It was confirmed that the supernatural was determined following a routine examination of a stomach problem, and he had to work on it.

In recent days, it was not Carna Crivelli in the evenings Showmatch. It's happened that the comedian had a & # 39; going through revival later they work on a tumor in the kidneys and they will remove the shell.

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In principle, this all started when Carna went to the health center for a normal study, after a stomach problem who disturbed several days ago. Although it was thought to have been gastritis; There, everything stopped when he was They found out that he had a tumor, and the doctors agreed to go deeper in the studies to evaluate the health status. Then they agreed that they needed to translate, so they gave out the tumor of the duck and the shell.

The midwife's wife, Claudia Ares, talk to him Terms of Use and he ensured he is already a family, since everything has been done as expected. "At the beginning we are & # 39; I feel scared and scaredHe asked me not to find out about anyone. But fortunately it's great now, "he explained. The worst is over, and the humorous person will keep back surrounded by his family.

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