The Dubai market is expected to include 2019 new asset assets


19 11 2018

Hassan Al Serkal, Chief Operating Officer and Operations Chief Executive, the Dubai Financial Market, has announced that his first investment investment fund, Ritz, will be listed in the market in the first half of the next year .

He said in statements to the "economic statement" that the finance regulations of the Finance are ready, as well as the level of infrastructure available but the market is awaiting the approval of the rulers, # 39; explain, when permission of the Priorities Commission and Documents is registered directly.

REIT is defined as an investment fund that capitalizes in real estate, and ownership of property or property ownership that is open to the public directly. Their units are sold on a financial market and they are expecting to go to; help invest in an improved and prepared sector For income and income employment.

Al Sarkal said it is expected that the investment platform will invest the estate investment investment within the next few months because the market is successful in its success. Most of its arrangements are fulfilled to implement this qualitative phase within a diversity strategy and new investment opportunities.

He said that the market has finished preparing regulations for the registration and trading of investment units during the first half of this year, including units of investment investment investment assets, which open the door to & # 39; including its property and its & # 39; launching the stage.

Last year's announcement was last updated by the Domain and Property Department to open up extensive opportunities in the & # 39; capital market for real estate companies in general and REITs in particular.

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