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The Americans lose the chicken and their chicken; using more meat and pork, as Donald Trump's trade wars have reduced the export of pig to China and Mexico, which offers cheaper and cheapest domestic market frees.

Reducing the re-orientation of the American parrot and grassland to a & # 39; domestic market construction
Their prices down and they added to the changing room. The restaurants were located
Burglars are classical meat instead of hen, and shops
With food offering more picks.

This flavor change came to an end on a previous time
raising profits, up to 27 quarters in a row, for craftsmen as a bird
They are Tyson Foods or Sanderson Farm. Analyst Bill Roenigk, business consultant
the National Cookie Council has a & # 39; It is expected that chicken meat producers
Record a fall in profit or loss already in the fourth quarter of this year.

Bad news for chicken suppliers and more tasting for a pig
In the US there is a small impact on Trump business disasters,
which also led to the decline in the exports of soya and sorghum beans to China.

Pork meat on the US market has already influenced an application
of customers after a hen, Roenigk said. Cooked meat prices
in the United States, has fallen in response to the removal of poker removal duties
62% in China and 20% in Mexico. There is no limited export here for that

The US Agricultural Department considers it to be; wearing a hen
per capita meat rises by 1.2% next year, compared
Increase in the demand for 4.3% meat and meat meat with 2.6%.

The restaurants also would add a bit to the & # 39; mill. They focused on their
The latest marketing campaigns to improve classical meat
hamburger does not hamburger with "three bacon rods" as a net
Wendy restaurants. It also produces demand for skin and meat
according to their national group of cattle breeders.

In September this year, new 54 fast food chain chains
hamburgers. This is about a third of last year, with the number of hens
The results in this offer came by 14%, the survey showed

Hanging in the use of chickens appears for fish. Tyson there
Start by planting to 1.25 million chicken in its process
Each week, from problems with & # 39; keep up last year with chickens wanting.
In July, a company that sells meat and pig meat,
to reduce the profit foreword this year, aiming to uncertainty
in trading policy.

Mexico has pledged a pig whale after Washington
It has included installments including aluminum and steel from the far side. Both sides
These duties continued to act, despite the fact that the United States,
Mexico and Canada have reached a new trading contract.

Export aid should be brought to pig meat to Mexico and
to bring Americans back to her chicken, and her; Believe Biel Lovette, active
Director of Pilgrim & Pride, a 3-year-old fish company
recorded a 3.4% reduction in sales.

"The shift from hens to meat and butter was good
more likely than a person thinking, "said Heather Jones,
director of Vertical Group investment company.

This month has a lower demand on the cost of costume chicken prices in the United States
The lowest weekly weekly value in the history of the records. His stock
chicken in a solvent device has risen to record elevations
435 million kilograms at the end of September. Stock of meat and pork
the meat has fallen.

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