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With the Audrone Vilius he got to know a dance in the Klaipeda Žuvėdra sports club. Together they spent eight years – four in a marriage.

Not only did Vilius dance, but he also played football – at the end of July 2018, as usual, he was getting ready for the race, but when he left the court after he had t eight minutes, Vilius broke. Team members tried to revive the man, made heart crunch.

Coming soon, the fast dancer was taken to the Klaipėda Hospital, where he discovered that Vilius had an amber and put blood into the brain – a man put in a headache.

Photo by Mondo / Vilius Ignatavičius

Photo by Mondo / Vilius Ignatavičius

“When I arrived at a hospital, Vilius was not yet present and was brought in by lots of early cardiograms. He took it to him to revive, he took it on a load of singers. I remember a doctor came to the hospital, who didn't bother them, and told me that Vilius had gone into the brain. I ask, “What are we doing?” T

It tells me, "Audrone, the third level for him." I asked him to tell him, I was doing it, I wanted to stay there, but the doctor told me that I would do nothing to him at the side, A.Bastytė-Ignatavičė. of TV times.

And although life was especially supporting their life, A.Bastytė-Ignatavičė believed that her husband would wake up and that they would return their family. But the destruction of one woman's hopes of destruction.

“After the night, I got a call for my sixth morning. The doctor said to him and they said, "The priest must call the storm." A few hours are present in the revival, I was always around, I dressed. When I was in my final working hours I was told, “Dear friend, you have to make a decision on what it will be,” and asked if I should agree Give his gift to his groups. It's not compulsion, only a human question, ”said Bastytė-Ignatavičė.

15min / Photo by A.Vaišvilienė / Audrona Bastytė and Vilius Ignatavičius

15min / Photo by A.Vaišvilienė / Audrona Bastytė and Vilius Ignatavičius

When a person and a woman have a special feeling, as they were between Audronė and Vilius, they tell everyone else and a dream. They didn't even think about what would be expected in the future, how to deal with death.

"My first idea was that when I thought of a grant that Vilius wanted it, we both talked about the meaning of bodies after death and we thought it had to be burnt. I immediately attacked his mother, asking her.

I told me I had confidence and that I had to deal with it. I explained to her and told her that I wanted to leave her farewell to his son who saw her, and that there wasn't a moment in the place. I can think of what she was feeling then, ”she said sensitively.

Vilius took every possible member: bodies, lungs, liver, hearts, kidney, pancreas, and ankle travel. However, it does not find out which organizations in Vilius are given, and the law prohibits donors' relatives from knowing those who are getting.

“Everything that someone else could do was saved from his body. In total eight members were rescued and saved six lives, ”said Bastytė-Ignatavičė.

It is difficult to think what Audron should be feeling when he saw a helicopter going down his eyes, which was later put into a special vessel. The stranger was waiting for the next one, at the heart of Vilius.

“We have dealt with moraines and I already knew it was doing that. And suddenly I saw a helicopter coming ashore on the parade. My mother couldn't keep it, she ran with her. We've seen the way the doctors are getting out of the way, as they move fast, as the helicopter lifts and gets up, ”said Audronė to T3.

“I don't believe I can agree with something like that. It was very special. He will always live with my love, my dear, ”said Bastytė-Ignatavičė about his tears.

Not all countries have forgotten this action – on 11 March A. Bastyte-Ignatavičė and her husband's family were awarded the Golden Heart of the Year Award.

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15mion who remembers that an old couple of University Dance Conference Klaipėda Žuvėdra Audronė Bastytė-Ignatavičė and Vilius Ignatavičius married in July 2014 in Klaipėda, after more than 4 years of friendship.

“Vilius of Kaunas came to learn here. I was in the third year. The manager invited him to dance in the team, and I was already dancing. That's how we got it. At the beginning, we spent some time with friends, we ran together and so everything came out, ”she said. T 15mion Audronė is told.

Vilius Ignatavičius with his wife Audrone Bastyte-Ignataviče was one of the founders and teachers of the famous Mondo dance center.

Like his dancer – 2005 an award for Lithuania's youth 10 dance, the final in the international and Lithuanian, multi-national and international dance competitions. T Latin.

He has recently been presented with a gift himself knowledge was shared with the television reporter Arūnas Valinskas.

He spent nearly six years of hospitalization – suffering from kidney problems. This, according to a legendary television correspondent, was one of the drivers.

“I've seen many times in the afternoon talking to my friend in the ward, and in the morning he got out because he didn't last that night. And heed they stayed together for blood transplantation and suffering blood, ”said Valinski.

For those who do not want to be "elected in parts" after death, so don't agree with giving organs, A.Valski thinks about: o what is the case? The organ giving away will need your children or grandchildren?

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