The dynamic story of Macri following an event in the end of the River Boca



The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, on this Monday "failures in the" legal and security system " they did so the above that finished by completing its & # 39; final of the Libertadores Cup between River Plate and Boca Juniors the weekend, at the time he asked for more penalties for the barrabravas.

"There is a failure in our system", Macri said when he was describing the attacks that Boca players suffered as long as they were. came into the Monumentail Park on Saturday, when they played the second part of the final of the Libertadores Cup. One-way comparison, held last week at La Bombonera de Boca, He finished 2-2.

"I can not take up my position as a president to organize a sports show militarize the area and town. It's crazy", said the president, in a news conference with security ministers, Patricia Bullrich, and Justice, German Garavano.

Macri stated that he will include a bill in the wonderful parliamentary sessions to harden the penalties related to violence in football and to get out of the barrabravas. In addition, the project offers ways to prevent people by sending them out. go into your stadiums from staying nearby.

"Part of the management controls these things"Macri also commented on sending her and # 39; Football team leaders were blamed for the actions of the violence. Macri was president of the Boca Juniors club between 1995 and 2008, before taking himself to politics.

In his statements, the president sent out of justice for a score of people arrested on Saturday. "How can these people be free for free within a few hours?", the president asked, when he asked "a legal system that promises that the person who does not abuse".

He also mentioned it Invasion of those who received FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, on the route between the parking car and the entrance to the Monumental. "Not just the stones, I do not understand how one can think that it's OK enough to spit," he said. "Soccer is something amazing that we do not have a real worry."

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