The Dyson purifier will place both fan and rescue space


Domestic air pollution can be as big as 5 times larger than those we are out. There are boats from paint, cleaners or gas burners, but also animal whistles, pollen or mold. Air Multiplier ™ technology with Dyson Pure Hot + CoolTM will be removed. Up to 99.95% of inequality.

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With the adventurous season that we are coming in, we are going to get it. Start to talk more and more air pollution. But many do not understand that the air that we breathe at the house can be contaminated up to an additional 5 hours. Who would think she is open to formaldehyde from sea or candle under her own roof? Cleaners, then, will produce unstable organic compounds or beans; Allergens and mites in the air also contain a Increase the hair and skin of pets. Pollution and pollen caused by humidity also causes pollution.

Up to 99, 95% of these 0.1 microns will help to remove the purifier on Dyson Pure Hot + CoolTM with the Air Multiplier patent technology.

After the treatment, butterflies should be used in particular

By doing the Dyson Hot + CoolTMfree from allergen, dust and harmful substances, Everyone who has cancer is a great choice. The cleaner received the asthma & alergy friendly® award from Allergy Standards Limited. Many thanks to a special exquisite HEPA broadcaster with active carbon sequences that allow even great hedgehogs to be included, to allergens polen cancer, fragments of stomach, smell, smell or harmful gaseous material and he can even take away spores spoil out of the air. Each grain of grain in the device is covered by a Tris flooding. The organic shapes and develop the capacity of the device to capture truckers, such as vapor formaldehyde, up to 70%. The device's shape shape is permissible air flights from both sides, Therefore, it is possible to put the cleaner in any room in the room without reducing efficiency.

In winter it warms it, it will be cold in summer

The machine has a very useful use. As well as air purification, Dyson Hot + CoolTM will be attending in summer as well as in summer wait and winter heat the room to a pleasant temperature. Unlike some other heaters, you do not have to worry about burning fractures from heat pests. Special ceramic PTC planes are no longer higher than 200 Celsius degrees. Interesting teatostat it can also maintain the established base temperature.

Do you have a flight controller or to the room?

The Dyson Hot + CoolTM features Android Focus technology that enables it current climate airflow. In a steering mode, the air passes 2.5 mm wide on the surface of the shield, Creating a strong air flow and direct it to a specific target. The scattered mode also discharges part of the airplane and the second, a secondary slit. When the two streams meet, the device is managed through a 45-step form to create has a powerful power with wide access to the entire room.

There is no danger

If you have children at home, with Dyson Pure Hot + CoolTM you do not have to worry about wound dangers with classic fans. Unlike them, it is self-seating season and there are no rapidly spread scales, so the person who is also cleaned is safe for children. This is the only person who is air cleaning that is; won the Quiet Mark prize. her running silent Do not worry about sleeping night and thank you timer built in you can put it down to go down without rising. Plates need and smooth materials promise easy cleaning. Benefit is also a futuristic, illustrative design that responds to any charitable resource.

All actions change on airplane, temperature setting and closure, and a change between two modes of flow – at your microphone from the comfort of the bed. The device is controlled by distance and the driver has the driver driver to put it on its own cleaner.

Price model: € 479


It is a global technology company in Dyson. We are updating all the sectors that we make with major changes. We provide better technologies that address consumer problems. Currently Dyson is involved in over six technology areas: powered cleaning devices, unfinished cleaners, environmental control devices such as fans, air mines or air cleaning, beauty – hair drying, more Dyson AirbladeTM seamless, Jake Dyson and light and car research.

Dyson devices are sold in more than 75 countries worldwide. Dyson has committed to invest £ 1.5 billion (€ 1.8 billion) in future technologies. We are developing four new technology areas and in the next 4 years we will bring 100 new world market supplies.

Dyson Collaborate with over 30 universities worldwide in the early stages of technology development, and investing 5 million pounds (5.9 million euros) in the Imperial College London computer computer laboratory and 8 million pounds (9.4 million euros) in the Dyson Center for Engineering Design at Cambridge University, UK. Dyson employs more than 8,500 people all over the world, and half of them are engineers. Dyson sold the first DC16 cleaner without a machine in 2006. Existing in 1991, Dyson had a patent circular clip of dealers for diesel cars, but there was no interest in technology repairs and the project did not enter the operational level.

Recently, Jim Dyson has confirmed that he has been working on his own development for two and a half years electric car and will not go through fossil fuels.

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