The "e-money", the financial inclusive engine within the UEMOA (BCEAO regulator)


Dakar, November 27 (APS) – Accelerated development of digital or "cash-e-money" resources has helped to consolidate the progress of financial inclusion in the African Union's Economic and Monetary Union Iar (WAEMU) Behind Tuesday in Dakar, governor of the Middle African Mid American Bank (BCEAO), Tiemoko Meyliet Koné.

This vision, which has benefited from "digital output" in recent years, has been causing "significant significance" within WAEMU, said at the opening of a high-quality Forum on the topic "Technological innovations for financial inclusion".

"Innovation, and in particular to accept smartphones and smartphones, has helped to reach access to financial services for companies and previously difficult numbers," said Koné.

He says that the "incredible" development of financial inclusion over the last ten years can not be covered by expanding technological innovations all over the world.

According to Tiémoko Meyliet Koné, a financial inclusion must be understood as "all the improvements made (…) to make better use of strategies, with a view to & # 39; encouraging people's access to financial services in situations that are suited to vulnerable people. "

A report on a three-yearly report "Global Findex", it's indicate that a proportion of accountants submitted or paid electronically increased from 67% in 2014 to 76% in 2017 worldwide and from 57 70% in developing countries.

The Global Mobile Phone Operators (GSMA) Society estimates, for its, billion dollars the average daily value of business through mobile phones.

As a result, the "impact of strategies that transit the use of financial services transformation" by breaking down all real borders, and # 39; giving the world real and uninterrupted places. "said BCEAO regulator.

It is not far from being restricted, not mobile telephony is the sole use of innovation that is favorable to financial inclusion, he noted.

The main use of technological innovation is particularly in payments, with the development of e-commerce, and Submit new invalid pay and take solutions. It also identifies devolved populations, a way that suits them; spread all over the world.

With digital finance too, "payments to developing countries have come, in the last few years, to a much larger, more sustainable and faster more accessible than other financial streams," according to BCEAO.

Through debating sessions, this high-level forum aims to review the links between technology and present new financial resources that are suited to the needs of the population.

It is part of the celebration of the Inclusion Week set up at the same time in the 8 countries that are members of UEMOA.

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