The E3 display must go to Sony in the coming year



Exposure or short-term Overnight Expo – It's a series of conferences and exhibitions; in E3 dedicated to the play industry. This is one of the largest in the region and will open its gates in June traditionally in Los Angeles.

But he lost a lead player. Sony Interactive Entertainment, who plays PlayStation, has said it will not take part in the event. This is followed by Electronic Electronic creators who have been erasing E3 for two years.

Its company has identified its importance. There are fans, players and their own community, and it is currently a & # 39; looking for new ways for it. The company will have a & # 39; talk about updating and trying to make new, but more specific choices. More detailed plans may only be published in 2019.

Sony does not seem to be a great event that Sony would have to set up alone.

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Opinion from the E3 2018 conference last year (Polygon)

He does not participate in Sony Interactive Entertainment E3 2019 conference There may be a lack of new play content. A show is not better than just an average that could be a fan destroyer and a wing competition.

For example, Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo and another "hard measure" have confirmed with its conference.

In fact, we can get games for PlayStation at an E3 conference. There will be a number of third party developers who attend the event that will, Develop content for this platform and there are several interesting things. There is no doubt that E3 2019 is not a Japanese Japanese disappointing.

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