The Eclipse Dragh of the Moon in Trencin: a Spanish Theater on VIDEO Time!


Watch the amazing video of the photographer and illustrated photographer Jozef Dovichin, who has received amazing images of the renowned reputation of the moon around Trenčín Castle.


Earlier last week, we can be seen as one witness
The rhetoric scene of the moon eclipse is full. According to Pavel Rapavý from
The last episode of the Royal Union of Researchers
decades. The scientist added that it would be the nearest eclipse
part of it and finally on July 16th. 2019. In full eclipse according
We will see it again Monthly to March 7th. 2025th

Throughout the whole level, the Rapavy moon and its appearance seemed red
The darkness was at & # 39; The lower part of it, because the place was a n; complaint
He passed the middle of the earth's screen. The body was the words
play behind a red star, and watch the stars on the right
Pollux and Castor of the Gemini, and a beautiful open banner on the left
The ravens in Rak.

As he added it again, he could not be up the eclipse above the horizon
inspired for innovative photographers. You just have to do it but select the right one
the foreground. We were able to capture the game so far
west of the moon, as the difference was enough to the sky.

An amateur photographer and a recognized amateur photographer also gave her an opportunity
documentary filmmaker Jozef Dovičin from Abnormal Srnia, who is completely outgoing to her; moonlight
is caught in a Trencin that uses its lens. Special music of the moon by Trencian
the castle
they are huge. But that was not all. but only
Photographic images caused the camera to kill the same.
The product is the same magic and vibrant as pictures. After all,
justice for you.

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