The economy into decline has fallen by 5.8% in September


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The activity carried out two continuous cities with a 4.1% loss and 0.4% in the second and third, respectively

The official data is that

economic activity

5.8% fell in September, it was confirmed that the country fell into the decline following two collapsed castles. Yesterday, the


He published the Monthly Assessor of Economic Activity (EMAE), which showed a 1.9% cut in the previous month. In this way, the third quarter of the year fell 0.4% in terms of the second, which had declined by 4.1% on the first.

EMAE has six consecutive months with negative results due to valuation, thirst and high levels of interest. From January to September, economic activity has a 1.5% loss collection.

According to the statistical entity, it's the largest business machine in the & # 39; Wholesale, selling and repairing combustion (-12.8%); the manufacturing industry (-10.8%), and transport and communications (-4.6%).

At the same time, fishing (2.8%), financial intermediary (2.6%) and agriculture, stock, hunting and forestry (2.2%) were the departments with the best results in September.

"With this data, the second fourteenth ended with the activity of falling (-4.1% and 0.4%, respectively), which confirms the beginning of a new decline, in terms of other reasonable time – eight months From the end of the end (January) – the decline in activity is similar to the decline in 2002, 2009 and 2012. The gate is to copy a 2012 dragon, with a recycling to rapidly or at least declining their decline in shorter time than in 2002 or 2009, "they said in the LCG consultation.

In terms of their part, he explained in Ecolatina that "had a significant impact on the adverse effects of the current (the agricultural sector grew 2.2% per annum in September) economic stress that responds to two factories: the increase in the rate of acceleration and acceleration of inflation ".

"Leaked in the power of buying power in dollars and in pesos the demand for constant and consumer goods, which allowed companies to reduce the product to a minimum level – The most significant financial money in maintaining large stocks in a badly bad sales context. Apart from that, especially in September, Movement in exchange rate and new agreement with the IMF expected to be uncertain in managing, consolidating the decisions of economic representatives, "they said.

For the last quarter of the year, Ecolatina has a & # 39; expects "that the statistics show that the decline has been deepened, due to its year with a 2.4% activity level lower than that reach in 2017. With a significant reduction in The product production (a 5% falling world in the first nine months of the year) will increase the number of services (they will increase to a 1% increase in September). The fall in supply is the same as accelerating in the last few months of This is a sign of the huge impact of real wages on the level of activity by spending private (a part that represents 70% of household demand), as a result of a higher reduction in real pay, due to acceleration of inflation. In addition, public spending going back as a result of targeting target targets ".

In the LCG they concluded: "It is difficult to predict when the activity effectively converts the way of erosion caused by the immune jump." To do this, it must first reach a position for an exchange of sustainability to begin to move forward in the gradual reduction process of interest rates. interest. "

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