The Ecumenical Patriarch of the Russian Interpreting Church created in the western part of Europe


The Patriarchal Patriarch of the Patriarchal Tomos party, in 1999, sent to the Holy Assembly of the Patriarchal Patriarch who confirmed that the Russian Catholic Episcopalist in western Europe was under the Ophophorists of the Constantinople Patriarch. Protodeacon of the Russian Interconnected Church Andrei Kuraev decided to make this decision "frightening." "Tomos gave – he took some," he said.

The Holy Assembly of Ecumenical Patriarchatism, which met on November 27th in Pannar, decided that Archdiocese was distributed to the Russian Expression churches in western Europe. This is recited by the edition of orthodoxie, announcing its sources.

It is noted that Patriarchal Tomos 1999 was suspended like this.

Protodeacon of the Russian Interconnected Church Andrei Kuraev wrote his blog "official communications with information will be available later."

"What do they do to pour into their French pride? But this is awful: Tomos gave – Tomos gave," he said.

On 22 January 1971, the Constantinople Patriarchate renewed its sovereignty on the parishes of the former Exposition of the former Russian Ruesee, and converted into the Russian Lateral Literary Archbishop of the West of Europe.

On June 19, 1999, tomorrow's Patriarch Constantinople Bartholomew confirmed that the Archbishop was under his profession; Constantinople will be thrown and its status as a solution has been restored.

The Assembly of the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Holy Assembly began in Istanbul on November 27, 2018 and will last until November 29. Ukrinform told him that he could agree tomos about autocephaly for the Ukrainian Christian Church.

On 11 October, the Synod of the Ecumenical Christian took several conclusions related to autocephaly of the Ukrainian Crimson Church. In particular, the Patriarchate Constantinople's decision in 1686 was taken to take the Ukrainian church to the administration of the Moscow Patriarchate; The anatomy of the Russian Literary Church (ROC) was removed from the head of the Christian Church of Ukraine at the Patriarchate Kiev, Filaret; he returned to the head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Authentication Church Macarius to a skeleton status.

The autocephaly official tombs of the Indigenous Church in Afghanistan, the ecumenical pattern of Bartholomew, appear to the end of the united local church that is chosen by his / her; united council. It is expected that the Cathedral will take place in December.

On October 15, the Synod of the Russian Translation Church and the Eucharistic Association with the Patriarchate of Constantinople broke on November 13, decision by the UOC-BP Bishops Council.

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