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A Minister within Sandis Girgens (KPV LV) is opposed to the Minister for Defense Artis Pabriks (HR) public campaign to increase the defense department's budget by over 2% of the total domestic product (GDP), as security requires. inside, which the state did not pay attention to, strengthening Karlis Miksons, Consultant at Gergen.

“In the absence of public security, order and falling infrastructure, I cannot engage in organized crime and the country has no prospects for improvement,” said the Minister.

Morning this morning, Pabriks said "Mad morning" from Latvia Television that protection, when planning the state budget for the next year, should be more than ten to 20 million euro than the 2%. was needed.

The Minister for Defense recognized that it was 2% of the GDP's minimum requirement to meet NATO requirements, but that a margin of between € 20 and 20 million should be set aside for the reserve and availability of t maneuver.

At the same time, Gergen, on Tuesday in the Saeima Protection Committee, Home Affairs and Prevention of Corruption, told MEPs that there was not enough room for growth in this year's budget for the home cases section, but how t e to support consortium partners to improve internal security.

The Internal Ministry (MoI) budget expenditure for 2019 438 743 046 is euro. Most, or € 273 million, is for an award and € 106 million for the products and services you need.

"To be honest, there is virtually no space for growth, as most of the cost is only an award and the most useful services," he said.

The Interim Minister has also announced that the MoI had submitted a claim this year for the essential measures of EUR 74.86 million, but that only EUR 4.23 million was allocated. This funding is aiming at strengthening cash flow.

According to the government's decision, in 2019 and beyond, budget is expected to protect 2% of the total domestic output (GDP). According to GDP forecasts, the defense budget is expected to be 636 645 418 euros in 2019, 653 036 225 euros in 2020, and 688 596 225 euro in 2021.

In 2019's budget, EUR 392 336 689 for current expenditure, EUR 180 083 881 for salaries, and EUR 212 252 808 for goods and services.

On 13 March, Pabriks from the Saeima Commission noted that it had a somewhat fragile budget for this year's budget, since only in 2015 a decision to budget was increased to 2% of GDP.

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