The Egyptian Free Party will explore her strategy in China


The Egyptian Free Party participated in the opening session of the second session of the communications conference between the Chinese Communist Party and the Arab parties in Hangzhou, the capital of the area in Zhejiang.

Amir Yusuf, a member of the political bureau of his party, gave a leading lecture at the opening session, and # 39; representing the Egyptian Free Party and on behalf of the Egyptian political forces.

Politburo member of the Egyptian Free Party (MPE) began his speech by welcoming the guidance by Dr. Essam Khalil to the leaders of the Chinese political party and to attend his & conference and thanks for ongoing Chinese-side collaboration and consistent calls and other invitations to visit.

"The Chinese people are very friendly, cooperative and friendly with all the Arab nations, notably the developing nations," he said. "It's an amazing way with the director, Xi Jinping," he said, a & # 39; talks about China for his new approach, which lasted nearly 40 years.

He reviewed the "Free of Egypt" vision to build a better world in the world's big blocks without the sole control of one force and the need for five principles of these blocks, and # 39 First work on peace in the world and in the success and welfare of the United States.

A political member of the Egyptians indicated that there is a need to block the blocks in cases within any country, especially that everything is unique and tradition itself.

He emphasized the need for a division of high powers to work to share peace, love and peace with countries all over the world without having regard to the narrow interests and establishing the principles of humanity set by religions, and committed to a & # 39; Conflict against destructive terrorism for all humanitarian principles, rather than Egyptians.

"We have expanded the management of strategic cooperation and partnership with world countries and the peaceful directors of peace. He said that the Egyptians have taken great steps in a re- economic, social and cultural development based on cultural and cultural resources, facilities and natural and human resources and the strategic location as the center and gate of Africa. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, over the next five last year, and we strongly support it. "

A member of the Egyptian Free Party Political Bureau on all countries seeking peace and success to invest in Egypt, especially the Greater China State. He said: "Humanity of life, whole living and love live."

There were representatives from parties around the world and leaders of the Communist Party. management, including Song Tao, Minister of Foreign Affairs Department, Li Jun, Deputy Department of Central America, Foreign Affairs, and from the Egyptian side, MP Mahmud Sharif, First Deputy House of Representatives House.

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