The eight major advances in medicine in 2018


Two fast teams They helped people with paralysis to walk again by promoting the back wheel with electric devices. Is there that damaging that area with an accident? preventing the brain's direction of accessing the muscles, preventing someone from moving.

Thanks to your electrical invitations in the backbone, the lost signals can reach the destination. And long these methods are still tested, one of the patients being diagnosed is a & # 39; using the machine in everyday life. As long as you are elsewhere, there is evidence that the region has become embarrassed to revitalize.

It's a case; replies Judy Perkins, The who lived from their borders as a result of a & # 39; introductory medicine. He had the size of the balloon tuneball member and the secondary illness throughout his body. The doctors were given three months to stay, until doctors at the National Cancer Institute in the United States decide a new attempt "living cure". Your tumor was monitored to a generation to identify specific changes that may indicate your protection system.

Out of the 62 genetic anomalies found, there were only four attack lines. And so the research started. A patient's immune system is attacking the tumor, but the cells are white blood; Losing losses in the cancer frontier. Not the sciences that were; In Perkins' blood analysis, Perkins's white blood and those who were able to attack the tower. Then they grew up in large quantities in the laboratory and put them into the body (nearly 90,000 million), together with medicines to remove the brakes from the immune system . This new defensive approach to Perkins's cancer survives.

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Judy Perkins.

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Judy Perkins

  • Replaced separately from a deceased woman

For the first time in the world, A healthy baby was born from a uterus drawn from a dead woman. Although they had previously attempted this method, they failed. In order to achieve success in Brazil, by a 32 year old woman She was born inherently due to the Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, which means that the vine or the uterus is not or does not; inside are properly created.

They were removing a victim of a donor who died with a brain hemorrhage, who had three children in life. Six weeks after the organ was inserted, the patient started her time.

Seven months later, they inserted fertile eggs and, after being pregnant, a girl with a cascade of about 2.5 kilos was born.

  • Firstborn genetic pawns

The Chinese scientist has been the biggest movement in science in recent years saying that they created the first genetic creatures of the world. They are twins, who seem to be in good health.

The researcher, He Jiankui, said he changed the DNA of the children to protect them from HIV. However, details of the procedure have not been published, so their statements must be taken incredibly. His story also encouraged a deep reflective debate about whether or not the procedure should be done. The luck was found with a cure of fruit with help.

Experts made amazing progress to cure The main cause of blindness in the world is: age-related macular erosion, also known as maculopathy.

The macula is a part of the eye that allows us to see what we are looking for, whether it recognizes the face, television or viewing of the video. reading a book. It is made of cans and cans that see light. Behind her is a nutritive cell line, but when the curse of this step, it's a skinish and blind smile.

But one team found how they would form a string of support cells, and put them in as a pile on the injured row. Patients who have received this medicine have been the main purpose, not just reading, but also having a & # 39; Seeing faces that were previously seen as a problem.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland developed a laboratory for the first time in older human fever, outside the caves. The approach can be used to develop new ways of conserving the pregnancy of the girls in the care of cancer.

It also represents an opportunity to explore the applets, which still have many questions that have a unresolved development process with science.

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It's a chance to go to; The method of searching the basics, which still has many issues at the development process.

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It's a chance to go to; The method of searching the basics, which still has many issues at the development process.

University of Edinburgh

  • Cancer cancer test?

Scientists have progressed in the development of a common blood test test for cancer. They were carried out by the team at the John Hopkins University, USA, who tested by a way that contains eight common types of disease. This was possible because tinners dropped small sections of their DNA and their proteins; make into blood blood.

The test CancerSeek will look for revisions in 16 seconds They usually appear with cancer and 8 proteins that are discharged with a & # 39; usually disease. This test was tested to more than 1,000 patients with cancer last year, liver, stomach, illness, esophagus, colony, lungs and coffin that were to other content. The test was effective in 70% of cans.

  • My little son, our hidden bodies

It's not a cause to cause bad news about the microbes. Indeed, Mel Greaves, a professor of the Research Institute of the UK in the UK, collected 30 years of evidence which shows that the system can protect cancer if it is not "seen" Many microbes from the first stages of life.

The purpose of this study is not to prevent the parents to be too clean, but to be able to; show what the price of the progress is made in society and medicine in things like, for example, drinking water. The long-term goal is to take a safe brow of the # 39; bacteria – in yogurt – so that their protection system can be trained.

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