The Empire actress series was paying for a & # 39; symbolizes homophobic attack? Police said


A policeman in Chicago, USA, believes that Jussie Smollet has paid two men to attack. The actor had made a complaint about the victim of a clan and homophobic attack.

Niger's two brothers, who were part of the "Empire" series, in which Jussie plays, said to her; Police said they were paid to attack the actor on 29 January.

Jussie Smollett was in hospital after suffering a homophobic attack and a racist at East Lower Water Street in Chicago. In the "Empire" series, the actor translates the homosexual person at Jamal Lyon.

According to photographers with the BBC, causing police resources, b & # 39; One of the brothers is an actor's personal training. The two brothers, Osundairo Oil and Lee Daniels, were brought up with Lee Daniels, the leader of the "Empire" series.

The two men, aged 25 and 27, left the United States after an attack that was made and were arrested Wednesday last year when they returned to the country. On Friday they were released and they will now cooperate with the authorities.

On Saturday, the Chicago police said the investigation of the built invasion had changed. The Nigerians told the police that they bought the rope that was used in the attack at a nearby hardware store. Authorities found the materials in the two men's house.

At CNN, the actor lawyer said he had "been damaged" with the latest developments. "As a victim of hate harassment, who co-operated with police surveys, Jussie Smollet is wild and has been destroyed by recent reports," said the US station, reporting a statement from lawyers. "It's a feeling that allegations have suffered from having taken part in the attack itself."

A number of famous people have oppose the violent attack and have supported Jussie Smollett through publications on social networks.

Oscar winner, Viola Davis, won a Jussie picture on the Instagram. So actor Grace Byers did. "This disinteresting act alone shows how the diseases of grain, inequality, productivity and discrimination continue to be persistent in our countryside", read the myths.

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