The end of the cure we know


The world is ahead of a new era of medicine, which is based on the rewriting of the concepts of illness, and # 39; reducing the cost of a pharmaceutical industry, and gene genealogy use to eliminate disease, a professor and head of the medicine and medical medicine department at the University of Maastricht, Dr. Harald Schmidt.

"Despite the dramatic increase in the drug industry in the last decades, the disease has declined due to the fact that there is a limited focus on treatment of supply, not disease," said Schmidt in a session entitled "End of medical time we know" meeting regularly yesterday.

He said that the new era of the invasion would consider changing the concepts and symptoms of diseases, in general, where it was wrong to connect all diseases to the disease; the injured part, and working on the cure accordingly, to find a doctor who specializes in heart treatment, It is possible that another member is in the cause of his & # 39; disease away from its special, as well as kidney disease, hearing, brain and strengths, called diseases with symptoms such as high blood pressure and others, which restrict the doctors in some treatment of the disease and not an integrated medicine.


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