The end of the fairy. Paris Hilton is up to date!


In recent years, everything has shown that the discovery of Paris Hilton was found. The Blonde was famous for Chris Zylkom in early 2018. Today this romantic story appears to be past.

A life full of luxurious brands, one remaining party and holiday all year round. This would be the celebration of the life of Paris Hilton, who benefited from the name of its name for many years. Despite being & # 39; He mentions the heir to the empire's central media as "hideous", Paris, according to his skill, and earns millions every year.

Lovestory Fairy

Paris Hilton has been a place for many people to live. Most of her relationships lasted a little short and did not give them a lot of stress. In terms of romance with the actor Chris Zylkom, however, everyone expected to marry. A couple started to & # 39; going two years ago.

During the holidays at Year & # 39; Water in Aspen, Chris, asked the gentle man to hand. Paris at that time was talking about himself as the happiest in the world, praising her and her. find her love. This is more spectacular about the breakdown. Paris and Chris have not yet mentioned this, but the girl has almost all her pictures from her Instagram.

Several sources from the neighborhood of the famous pair confirmed that it was a few days since they had been good. Paris wants to pay more attention to his music and to inspire her lover, and Chris wants to go back to her. camera and its own to art.

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