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NEW DELIVERY: The BJP arrived on Thursday instead of LK Advani with the party president Amit Shah as the candidate for the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat, formally bringing down curtains to the 91-year striker who played an important role due to the reconstruction of the shoe. costume from fringe player to have major political impact.

It can also clean up the way for Shah to be an official part of the government, if Narendra Modi receives a second term as PM in May. The movement may also accept that other members of the Old Guard are dying out, including another leader of the party called Murli Manohar Joshi.

Full list: BJP names 184 people for Lok Sabha elections

The party has appealed to the Prime Minister of Varanasi, and a knitted minister, Smriti Irani, was struck against the president of the Rahul Gandhi campaign for what is expected of the high-sights competition. Amethi is the leader of the Transport.

In total the 17 MPs who have been retired have been named the BJP, and six of them are from Uttar Pradesh which he cleared last year and which is necessary for his second term plan for Narendra Modi.

Union Minister Smriti Irani will again be a party candidate against Rahul Gandhi. It had lost against its President of Transport limited in 2014. There are only 22 women in the first list, and fewer than the number of regional women such as BJD and TMC.

But an 184 list is shown by Advani's ban. Although this is not unexpected, the decision marks the political pressure which has existed at defining the work of Modi-Shah and the potential for greater change, t both in terms of governance and agreements outside the parties, if Modi wins a second term.

Advani played an important role in the party's revival in 1984 after it only won two sets. He received six times from Canaanar, the first time in 1991 (Vajpayee resisted and won the next one, in 1996) and the last five elections from 1998 respectively.

The hard man first, Advani started yatra again every year after he got his first prize from Gandhudar to push Ram Mandir up in Ayodhya: a campaign that could change the course of politics forever. He also made a powerful attack on ism secularism pseudo 'and politics e appease ’, the summary of the BJP's expense that the rule of government was overtaken from Muslim sectarianism.

But, he rejected the reputation of MA Jinnah in a controversial journey to Pakistan and could not get back on even if the party was claiming to be his PM candidate. 2009.

He began to flee after his great defeat to Narendra Modi in the competition for who should have a party to vote in 2014. The decision doesn't come as a surprise to him, Advani, he's learning, accepting the recommendation that it was time for the younger person to make space. The nomination of Shah specifies that Advani was allowed to give the seat to one of her children, the daughter Pratibha or his son Jayant.

Shah in the Gujarat LS field where Modi is not going to strengthen the state should have swept the last time

The BJP has held all the famous directors in the seats, including the Rajnath Singh home minister of Lucknow and the minister of transport Nitin Gadkari of Nagpur.

He has replaced the former CM CM C Khanduri of Pauri-Garhwal with the president of Uttarakhand's party state Tirath Singh Rawat. Manish's son Khanduri has recently been admitted to the Congress and may have been a opponent from the seat.

There was no publication of Kanpur, from which another old party soldier and the MP who was a member of Murli Manohar Joshi came out of this. Other veterans such as Bhaat Singh Koshiyari (Dehradun), Kalraj Mishra (Deoria) and Karia Munda (Khunti-Jharkhand) may be found instead. Former speakers of Sumitra Mahajan and ancient Himachal Pradesh CM Shahat Kumar can also be replaced. Sources influence that the headteacher has asked the headteacher to consider the place.

Union minister and the party's chief executive, J P Nadda, said the list, that candidates for the 17 seats on the BBP would be available at Bihar ready but will be released by the NDA's state president.

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