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"I'm ready," said Vladimir Weiss as a child; looking east of Eden. Leave from the play, not on the road to a bus that has fallen into the future of a representative.

It was about five minutes after the referee's last tin whistle. The Czech-Soviet partners still seated in the racing room or in the shower. Not Vladimir Weiss. He had already been on his way to his bus, which later came to the face of Slovakia representatives. But those are not. The rear organizers ask the playground. He thanked him, on the way, he gave another record and went out. At least he returned later, we do not know.

Turning a producer, the trip from Qatar Al Gharafy. Monday he reported in Šamorín. With a team from the national team, he was preparing for the first games under Pavel Hapal's new pavel. However, Czech supporters did not oppose Ukraine (4: 1) and the Czech Republic (0: 1) for a minute. When the 79th minute of the Duel Monday against the Czech Republic received bad impact on the turf as the third place-place player, Adam Nemec, The man left the field with a smile of his face. This explains why it was decorated after the meeting and it was a looking to leave.

"We know Vlad Weiss. We know how he plays. We decided for this change, we do not have to go with their game. However, it is not written in any place that he does not play in other meetings, " Hapal told media press releases, on a 28-year-old leader's issue of conduct: "I did not go out through the game (left Weiss to his / her) because I was teaching the team. I did not know when I went into the cabin after their game. I try to make a contract with the player. Find out what's going on, and let's see. "

The modernization situation of the man appears to have not been accepted.

Journalist Hapal trainer stopped journalists. Again, he addressed the question of an attack made by Vladimir Weiss, who was known for his splashes. He answered him and told him that The man gave his hand after the meeting, but he did not tell anything.

His Qatar had a long trip, but in the Maka, Rusnak competition and Stoch did not miss her. shoe on him. He does not know the Oriente competition. The next Friday will be marked on the 29th birthday, and # 39; leaving Europe in January 2014. Weiss played 66 meetings for Slovakia and sent 7 visits. Although their numbers are in a twisted double jersey; expansion, it will show at least the term of a funding association when the next game of Slovakia at the beginning of a 2020 ME 20th.

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