The enthusiasm of fans' enthusiasm: The 2019 National TV Tournament will not yet be open


Another problem for the management of Sebastián Moreno. The ANFP had been announcing a great deal to bring Chilein football back to open television, after publishing five-day programs of the first section of the 2019 National Championship, where Chilevisión was responsible for writing, The relationship between Catholic University and Coquimbo United.

However, the national release of the TV for the TV is not yet confirmed 100%, and even the duel's spread between the Crusaders and Pirates is largely. And that's from the TV signal that the Turner group makes sure that's "Due to legal issues that we can not, contracts make it impossible".

From ANFP also stressed El Gráfico Chile that the case has not yet been resolved, recognizing that they have grown to spread the information, as detailed details are still needed to complete broadcasting on an open TV that is very awesome; welcome the fans.

But nothing is bad, since legal problems are resolved, Chilevisión has both incorporated both Primera División and Primera B games.

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