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Within the framework of the 100,000 heart week, an interdisciplinary team offered a Goldin Selig health center in Paraná athenaeum for the community, and sharing patient knowledge to improve its life.

Within the framework of the 100,000-year national national campaign that was promoted by the Argenti Cardiology Federation, Selig Goldin's health center in Paraná (Avenida Laurencena 63) provided a clinical obesity of severe obesity that the interdisciplinary team faced.

The opportunity for patient patients with a weight recorded in August 2017 of almost 168km had fallen over 60 kilometers. The cure began with the clinical, cardiological, psychological and nutritional team that allowed him to walk again and at the end of May this year, to get rid of a plastic attack on the abdom and to get out fat cell tumor. The treatment translation was carried out, in the Iturraspe hospital of Santa Fe, by the surgeon Rodrigo Acevedo.

First level general director, Norma Hernández, noted his description of his & her; The case shows the "desire and dedication of the team that works together, and achieving the goals in each of the people." He also said: "Sandra left the lead director to change the life of life and got a health center, with equipment and idea, who was with him and made the truth today . "

The station's director, Alba Velázquez, said the athenaeum said that the idea and value of the show would affect diversification in other health centers and continental hospitals from the "ongoing support, work and work of all, professionals and not professionals. "In this way, the work is continued from reconciliation to & # 39; A group that accompanies working patients both in both parent and adult. "On Thursday a team will work on keeping the boys and on Friday with the adults," said Velázquez.

Velázquez said: "As a primary care center we are trying to provide solutions to people's problems by listening to them and we hope this will have been multiplied because colleagues have been involved in work. " And he invited the community to enter the exciting inspirational (recall) workshops on Wednesdays every day between 16 and 18 and organized physical activity (tours) between Tuesday and Thursday at the same time.

The nutritionist Natalia Cian and psychologist Laura Pérez worked with the patient when they were changing the way of life, the new life and persecution of others, into the group. "Sandra continues to lose weight and is a member of the evidence on which health changes can be encouraged; we also do it with a group of overweight children co-ordinated by payers, psychologists, social workers and nutritionists, "said Cian. He said: "The whole health center made a consistent agreement in the process of health disease based on interdisciplinary care aimed at prevention and the rural approach."

For its part, Perez said: "The health center is going out to its community, vaccination, incentive and a number of issues."

Soledad Garcilazo, Co-ordinator for Bad Unaccompanied World Flags, participated in the event; The description of the Nutrition area, Evelyn Baraballe, professional and non-professional staff of the effector; relatives; friends and companions of obese patients. Those who were present also taste fruit salad.

First person

"The best thing I did after deciding to change my life was: I received great support in the whole health center, neighbors, friends, walking companions, memory workshop and I would like to thank give you, "said Sandra.

The female, a mother of 7 children, began to change methods and life by diagnosing angina, break-breaking, suffering and diabetes type 2. It was linked to the obstacles, The opportunities, emotions and rehabilitation that allowed him to understand "Drugs food."

The five hour surgery was spent at the Iturraspe hospital in Santa Fe and the remedies were made at home, with a nursing department Selig Goldin health center. The ambulance movements were carried out for each control of the Rua Ríos section.

100,000 hearts

Dante Moine's cartoonist says "the campaign has been made throughout the country, between September and November for eleven years, with the idea that saving 100,000 hearts with practical and general measures kept over time such as: loss of stress, stopping smoking, reducing less salt, changing eating habits including more fruits and vegetables, reducing the reduction of red meat and fat. Moine has taken the effort and benefits to health status to take healthy habits.

The professional said something was similar to the health center 20 years ago. The initiative began Tuesday and every day, for a week, and promotes healthy lifestyle habits. On activities Friday, morning and afternoon, childcare and nursing, children are aimed at and are well led to the importance of overweight from young age. The actions take place on Monday and # 39; giving lectures in the morning; On Tuesday the causes of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and on Wednesday morning, we will also work on cardiovascular diseases and their dangers. The closing of the week at 17.30 with the cardiosaludable aerobic party. Exercises will be made, walking, allowing ballads in Urquiza Park, dancing and live bands.

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