The envelope and parent "grip"


Worry "take a" jacket "or not

Van, Duchess, first son, was sent to Ho Chi Minh City to pre-school at the beginning of this school year. Near November 20, see a lot of fun gifts for teachers, Van asked his friends, a teacher's neighbors must "go" with money.



Most people say Van: They need to be sure. In particular, Mrs. Thanh is at home, with two children; studying at Van Primary. She should consider this because she will know this later.

Finished forever, expecting to bring less fewer fruits as a gift. If you do not put in the envelope, Van is worried about her not worrying and her thoughts are not worse. I'm new to school, I'm sick and tired but I'm not familiar with her class. But if you go, there are 2 teachers at their class, & # 39; There is a little money in a nursery school, without having a # 39; tells how Mr. Thanh warned …

Tell yourself not to destroy yourself, a person who is spoiled, he will not give money instead of gifts. But on November 20, Van decided to pull "gifts", instead of adding each envelope to 500,000, a 200,000 nano. VND2 million helps Van breathe: "At least, to feel comfortable".

Another story, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, Head of Khai Minh Primary School (District 1, HCMC) in a recent exchange of teachers at HCM City said a lot of desire. Although he is still teaching, when the students are very unstable, Hanh invited parents to exchange, Speaking … suddenly her mother gave her an apology for 8/3 He was too busy to visit her.

There are no obsessions going to the teacher's envelope, not mentally inherent, fear of being "a child", it does not seem that there is a care in psychology for all parents. There is a concern that support can be described as "actuation" in memory, even when the teacher wants collaboration.

Breach of parents

In addition to their thanks, thankfulness is remarkably said, the parent's tendency is counted, and expects to "bribe" that the teacher is true. They are also easy to confirm, the lack of a teacher of faith, giving attention to teachers, is critical. help the "spoil" the teacher …

But behind this envelope, there is a real confusion about each parent, and they must use their envelope as a means of doing something; Enjoy them when they go to school. And the envelope is just one of the ways in which parents are used to protect their children when they can not expect much from school or from the teacher, such as private school children, international students or students abroad over. Scotland.

Her love is true and credited. (Photographic images)

Her love is true and credited. (Photographic images)

There is Tran Ngan Ha, reporter, educational inspector and also parent, showing school shift, from each teacher to the teacher. Positive change in education is very slow. Parents can not wait to move.

In parental transition to a child in the public school, she saw the two movements that are obviously many parents can afford money, bribe the teacher, Expecting teachers and movement Another emphasis will focus on the teaching of children at home.

According to Ha, these two are unstable. Just make money, as long as you are going to; Teach children, stress on parents, stress is too heavy. And there is a bribe of staff, buying points for children; The creation of the social sector Ms Ha has to say is worse than her; going to school.

"There are many other movements in the parents, especially for children to learn early as an" educational refugee "when they need to save themselves, but how they are doing this If you do not want to say a crime, Ms. Ngan Ha added the item.

Tran Anh Khoi, a parent in Go Vap, HCM City, tells the story of a "truth" about his colleague. Thinking that's not a # 39; Children going to the school are essential and that the family is not suitable for the purpose of being built, so he did not let her go; children to learn more. But to be sure, her & her couple moved. That month is still enrolled for additional children, he will pay the teacher but did not enter all year round classes.

Submitting through the courts as a gift to the teacher – not just financial arguments, or lack of respect for the teacher – who is also a sign of weakness and weakness. South Westerly


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