The episode of Gustavo Cerati's life and work has been circulated


National Geographic will take place this Sunday at 2:00 p.m., a two-hour specialization of life and work Gustavo Cerati. Produced by Underground, with creative guidance Sebastián Ortega, the program is part of the docu-reality series "BIOS Life that you have identified"In recent weeks, the signal was presented to Charly García.

This time, it's a question recommend your Stereo Soda leader, in a life through a unseen recordings, archive images and certificates of people who shared a different month with the artist.

(A fragment of the program shown on this Sunday)

Channel reporting that the program was documentary aims to reconstruct the various conversion points in the life of Cerati, by interviewing his relatives, including his mother, Lilian Clark, sister Laura and their children, Benito and Lisa.

There will be certificates from distinguished witnesses, experts and performances during his life: Zeta Bosio, Charly Alberti, Daniel Kon, Shakira, Anita Álvarez de Toledo, Adrián Taverna, Caito Lorenzo, Leandro Fresco and Leo García, among others.

(One of the videos that show Gustavo Cerati's privacy)

Silein singer Javiera Mena, from driving, is responsible for reviewing the art and personal life before, after Stereo Soda and after that.

National Geographic guarantees the special ones will be able to; connect many uncomfortable and special, as long as they are; find out "archiving archive"from the time of the singer, and thanking his family support, The exhibition offers an interesting way to learn more about the author.

(Lisa Cerati was born)

"We're sorry, his family, with the exception of the fact that National Geographic brings this music to Gustavo, and that Sebastián Ortega is responsible for producing this product and encouraging me to know you have the cure at the height of his work ", prove Laura Cerati, Gustavo's sister, through the news broadcasting of the channel.

(Another fragment that can be seen in the particular type)

In contrast, Fernando Semenzato, the leading representative of the National Geographic American Latin American Party Representatives: "His musical heritage and dedication throughout the generations is very spectacular, Gustavo Cerati overcrowds and limits of all kinds, with Interests that do not get boundaries. "

(Lilian Clark talks about "Tea for three")

At the same time, Sebastián Ortega He stressed: "Cerati is one of our best poets of contemporary music, an artist of special awareness and promotion, which has given us some of the original songs of our Ibero-American music all the time. Several generations, a great shoe to honor him ".

(Benito Cerati was singing at the official presentation of the documentary for journalists, family and friends)

In the showcase of the whole family of Cherati and Benito looked out on the stage Sing along with the idol soloists.

National Geographic continues through the image of American Latin American music to Sunday Sunday, 25 November at 22:00 (Argentina / Chile), 9:00 pm (Colombia / Mexico) and 20:00 (Peru).

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