The error is not behind him


Sunday, April 14, 2019 08:45 AM (GMT + 7)

Many hotspots have had a profound effect in some areas in the past.

The most recent dog dog Mr Phan Huu Long (block 4, the home of Matthew son, area of ​​Huong Mhic, area of ​​Ha Tinh) on 10th April suddenly tears the baton of the 5 men standing. in front of his house, there is one young girl. One day after he was arrested, this dog died, and he was faced with a threat to risk.

One day previously, 5 primary school children were attacked by dogs from the Tinh Hoa community, the town of Quang Ngai, the Quang Ngai area of ​​the hospital. The case of Nguyen Dac Nguyen (7 years old) who was aged 7 to 3-4 dogs with a home in the city of Luong Bang, the district of Dong Dong, the Unung district, is pity.

The error is not the dog's possession - 1

The army took police from the dogs in Hung Yen

Not only is injury caused by injury, dogs' tentacles are also at risk for rabbits. 97% of Vietnam's rabbit cases are caused by dogs and rabbits have not been escaped by death scars. Coming in the summer, also when the rabbit season started, the conditions of domestic dogs that attacked people, particularly children, were so high that it had to stop time getting in.

How to stop it? It's not hard, just put the law into action. There are detailed and completely complete rules in the law. Not only are administrative sanctions as widely thought to be, Section 295 of the 2015 Crime Code, which has changed in 2017, sets out: Who will break the rules on occupational safety, occupational health and safety t in dense places, penalties will apply between VND 20 million and 100 million, non-conservation reforms for up to 3 years or imprisonment of between 1 and 5 years. Order 05 / ND-CP / 2007 on the prevention of fuel also regulates the dog farm. Therefore, owners of dogs are required to register with Committees of Committees and societies; they have to be locked …; In public places, dense areas and urban areas, when dogs are laid out, they must be locked, kept in cages, rabbits or have to be cracked and transported.

However, few people know or care about the legal provisions above. Dog owners who look lightly from others have to pay for their personal costs when their own animals are attacked. Dogs causing injury or death are destroyed by negotiating a compensation arrangement between the two parties, and so the risk to this life is always from people and stands concealing.

Although the dog is a close animal, it is still natural. The heart things happened, the error wasn't in the dog, or the law, but for the people. Dog owners have the low sense of respect for dog owners as well as abusing criminal offenses of treating dog crimes causing injury or death on the law “greasy” . This situation is not to be forgotten as rural areas to towns, housekeeping dogs, hunting dogs, dogs dogs … are very popular, especially the move to greater densities. building wild dogs as barbecues, Pitbull is more and more popular in Tibet. When there is still a situation where there is a law that is not known, unheard of and irrelevant, then the lives of those at risk are endangered!

A 11-year-old boy was killed by a dog

While he was playing, a dog of his dog was chased up and this led to him going to hospital for emergency treatment.

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