the European giant who is also closing the door for José Mourinho


New Slamming of José Mourinho. The Luso wants to find new work, but as yet he doesn't collect pumpkins and bad news.. His favorite time is not passing.

Since she was shot from Manchester United, in mid-December, The Special One & # 39; must be offered to all the clubs he has received. Among them, Real Madrid.

But Florentino Pérez was the first group to bring pumpkins. The place was clear, and the white president chose to return Zidane. The next one is the CBD.

One of Setúbal did not take anything to visit the Princes' Park offices after they had seen the new red photograph of the Champions League in the image of Tuchel, which was taken in the 16th tour, for the third year in a row.

And again Mourinho got a response not. Instead, the French team's leadership has chosen to renew the re-coach contract Borussia Dortmund.

Now the time of Chelsea's old coach is to Inter Milanthe team, winners of 2010 Champions, and where Spalletti is on the line.

This is the only solution left.

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