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Nearly 20 students at a University of Ho Chi Minh have just decided to be suspended for one year, which would have to leave school due to the test. In particular, including a student who had to return the school in advance but still want the exam.

Conclusion of withdrawal of students with HA HANH certificate
Conclusion of withdrawal of students with HA HANH certificate

The University of Agriculture and Forestry has issued 19 different conclusions on discipline students who dispute the 2018 school year regulations and regulations 2019 – 2019.

Of those, 18 attempts decided to restore the survey one year. Especially in this stage, students P.V.H (Faculty of engineering technology) have decided to implement them. The reason for leaving school is the result of the probationer and does not agree with the order of the department.

The decision will be cited throughout the school to give examples of the understanding of other students about the school's rules and regulations. At the same time, decisions will be sent to families and local authorities to co-ordinate the school to guide learners.

After a one-year disciplinary period, if the student is not appealing and trying to train well, the school and their faculty will review and stop his / her; subject.

According to MSc Dang Kien Cuong, Head of Student Affairs at the University of Agriculture and Forestry in Ho Chi Minh City, most of these issues have been disciplined mainly due to a general certification of English learners or know-how.

According to Cuong, the treatment of ordinary certified students is suspended for one year, if the second athlete needs to be removed from school. However, in an individual case, such as P.V.H students, although the first break was, but when they were the Faculty asked to work this student refused to cooperate and so the school decided to; take away the case.

Amazingly, according to Cuong's master, there is a student in the & # 39; This world also has decided that they would have to leave the school before requesting the certificate and found. However, as this student is no longer on the school list, the school did not decide to handle such issues.

Previously, the first semester of 2017 – 2018 school year states that the school left training 22 students to their average due to the breach of the regulations. At the beginning of 2017, the school decided to complete a one year disciplinary course with 15 students identified by a probationer.

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