The expected duty for the vehicles that have been erased is effective. Since many vehicles have been introduced without commissioning.


The purpose of its taxation is to increase the decommissioning of a vehicle carriage. Picture: Reuters

In April, the tax-based provisions for an audited vehicle in the Motor Vehicle Benefit Act state that the obligation to pay for the " The first time it happened after a year ago; away from closing to & # 39; vehicle and then every year on the date of their vehicle. It is anticipated that its first payment will be expected in April this year, according to the Ministry of Environment and Space Planning, last year the implementation of the new settlement has already been shown in the decommissioning of a greater revival of endowment vehicles.

In 2018, 12,171 end-of-life vehicles were decommissioned in authorized resources, which are 42 per cent higher than in 2017. In the months of April last year, when the new settlement came into effect, This percentage was more than bustling; higher, that is 52% environment to his ministry.
As described, the responsibility for planning a planned vehicle was also financially too instrument to increase the decommissioning of revival of endowment vehicles.

Invite your owners before submitting a responsibility
At the Ministry of Infrastructure, Environment and Spatial Planning and the Infrastructure Directorate, this November, the proprietors of the convicted vehicles asked to have not been withdrawn from the # 39; April last year, they have to & # 39; looking after their scheduled vehicles in a timely manner and to properly register their vehicle status in the register they will not receive a payment order to pay their remuneration.

Fees for a valid vehicle for passenger cars, goods vehicles for freight transport with a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 tons and three-wheeled mopeds, that is, in accordance with the law, these landlords will not be required to pay on the convicted vehicles that will be issued for decommissioning or re-registration within year. They will not pay any obligation if they put a certificate of damage to their vehicle in accordance with the rules that they have; environmental protection management, policing of the stolen vehicle, verification of vehicle registration in another country, or exporting export certificates to confirm its availability; carriage from EU customs country.

Duty ten years since the last inspection
Under the Motor Vehicle Contracts Act, the responsibility for paying a valid carriage will be paid for ten years since finally leaving cars. If the vehicle is back in this time records, this time will start again next week out of the vehicle. If an owner of the vehicle is erased from the transfer of ownership to another, the new owner becomes a taxpayer for paying his or her responsibility for his / her. vehicle without registration within the same time as the previous one.

However, the fees for a valid vehicle are not paid for vehicles with the status of an old carriage. To take part in road transport, motor and search vehicles must be registered, the Motor Vehicles Act that also allows for travel in Slovenian road transport for registered overseas vehicles if registration is scheduled their registered vehicle registration document and country code.

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