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Sedans are quite similar, but at the same time, they have amazing differences.

One of the Russian experts decided to compare the Lada Vesta, KIA Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Volkswagen Polo sedans that are found on the domestic market to find out how they are better and better. T worse than others. The blogger noted that the above vehicles were entering TOP-5 of the world's most popular sedans.

In this list, the "Four-door" LADA Vesta is worth highlighting at the home, which has the most impressive balance of all competitors, reaching 107 mm. KIA Rio is the smallest of "state staff". On top of that, "Vesta" is also very famous because he has a wider bothy, providing comfortable transport for three passengers.

In the German Volkswagen Polo, only two passengers can sit in a seat on the second row because of a big tunnel, and Rio doesn't have enough space for the back seats, so it needs to have the seat in front. backward movement. "Polo" and "Vesta" received areas of baggage but “Solaris” is lower than this for the competitors.

If we talk about the price, then the cheapest seas will be Lada Vesta, which cost from 600,000 rubles. Volkswagen Polo and KIA Rio are a cost of 700,000 rubles, and Hyundai Solaris costs 750,000 rubles, which makes it expensive.

"Vesta" by "Mechanics" is fasting to the first "100" in 11.7 s, totally "keeping" the road, but over time the blockage will begin.

KIA Rio is real on the road and in the city, because it has a strong stop, but it tries to scatter the Korean. The first "first" Polo is "12.0 seconds", it is low and there is a good answer when using the transmission. "Solaris" is treated better, but "Shumka" leaves a lot necessary.

In February this year, Hyundai Solaris sold 4,449 units, and the number KIA Rio that was sold for the second month of the year was 6,246 units. Most of the events in the Russian Federation in February were sold to the Lada Vesta – the Russian sales scene reached 7,960 copies.

Dmitry Pavlichko


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