The eyes of this end, though he died 110 million years ago


Knee eyes.
Knee eyes.


Fossil hunters found in Korea with long dead robbers that were preserved in a rock. And for the joy of scientists, the eyes of the arachnids are still reflective – about 110 million years after the creatures die.

It is rare for whites and acorns – which are much more brutal than the decorative sea creatures – can be excavated in rocks. But for reasons still unknown, two of these rabbits made it fossil, and the distinctive shape of their eye structures show light – even in their fascinating form.

The structure is called a touch of mouth, and is often used by creatures that hunt in the dark.

"So night hunting raiders will try to use this type of eye," said Paul Selden, director of the Paleontological Institute of the Biodiversity Institute and the University of Kansas Natural History Museum in a statement. "This was the first time a fossil was found in a tapetum. This was a canoeing shape – it's like Canadian canoeing."

A 100 year webpage with reflective eyes.

A 100 year webpage with reflective eyes.

Image: PAUL A. SELLEN / University of Kansas

The wanderers today employs the same eye structures for hunting, and Selden has been added.

There is still a mystery, however: How did the raiders make fossil? Their bodies were found in a series of rock full of fish and other marine creatures – but rabbits do not stay in water.

"It must be a very special situation where the washing into the body of water," said Selden. "They usually used to navigate. But here, they sank, and kept them from bacterial downturn – and it may have been a low oxidic position & There. "

Another view of fossil wolf.

Another view of fossil wolf.


Selden and his European co-workers – now find the old wanderers – now name the strange fossils. It was only discovered because Korea's land is often excavated, so scientists and fascinating fossils are going to be excavated. go into to see what ancient secrets are hidden in Earth's waste.

"So, they will gut the mountains to make a flat space, and they are temporarily excavating while they are cut and factory-built or not – wherever they found these fossils, "said Selden.

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