The FAANG group lost $ 1 billion in capping, the blood catching was very frightening


Five of the "FAANG" sections lost over $ 1 billion in market capitalization from Tuesday secondary schools.

Stacks were found in major technology companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet, sold lower to the start of the session. Apple was the smallest trading stock, down 4.8%. The remaining 4 stock have improved, with Facebook and the Bible rising at the end of the day.

The total capital of the market was deleted from a high level of $ 1.02 trillion of 52 weeks, the largest in the Tuesday session. Of the following:

Facebook lost $ 253 billion

Amazon lost $ 280 billion

Apple lost $ 253 billion

Netflix lost $ 67 billion

The alphabet lost $ 164 billion

The FAANG group lost $ 1 billion in compression, the blood catching was very frightening - Picture 1.

Transfer of five FAANG sources from the beginning of the year

Five high tech stocks, which were the most shocking investments in the last ten years, went into the bear market at the end of Monday's trading. Wall Street was a market definition to & # 39; members as a 20 per cent or more decline from the 52-week department department division.

The FAANG group lost $ 1 trillion in a quarter, the blood catching was very awesome - Picture 2.

The percentage will change from the highest level in 52 weeks to the trading session on Tuesday of the FAANG group

Goldman Sachs cut Apple's target price and Tuesday. A company said in a note that it was "a small consumer demand for the product section Apple in China and emerging new markets, "as well as accepting the iPhone XR users, it's really tough.

Facebook shares fell 40% from the top. A series of scandals have come from the summer, in particular focusing on Facebook's and # 39; handle the screen associated with the 2016 election.

Amazon shares then published as the e-commerce salesman in the fourth quarterly business perspective on October 25, much lower than expected. Netflix and Alphabet stocks also fell dramatically.

Facebook and Alphabet won the highest level in 52 weeks in July, at $ 218.62 per department and $ 1291.44 per individual division. Netflix hit at a level of £ 423.21 per department. Amazon resigned in 52 weeks in September with $ 2550.50 and Apple was $ 233.47 in October.

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