The face is near the north end and the north east is clear that there is a shower at night – Zhongshi News


Today (18th), the weather of the day is better than yesterday. There are still waters in the north and eastern end, but the weather is quite scattered. In the middle and southern mountains, there are clouds and sometimes water, and the flat is sparkling. Solarly, as the face is close, the water rises in the second half of the day. Nearer the north and north-east, the water becomes more visible, and its appearance will increase in the middle of the middle and the eastern side.

As a result of water discharging during the day, the temperature in the north and north-east increased slightly, high temperatures returned to about 27 degrees, the east and east- west still 27 kilometers, the south and south were 29, 30 degrees, and early morning 19 to 22 degrees. South Westerly

In terms of the typhoon platycodon medium Àir. 27 to move to the south end of South-South, Taiwan has no direct impact on weather.

According to the quality status information on the Yuan Government's EPD air: Today, the northern, northern, Zhumiao, Yilan, Huadong vacuum and Wuhu are "good" levels; the vacant field, Mazu and Jinmen are the "normal" stages; The place that has been & # 39; going down, and the poorer conditions are poor. The "orange memorial" is the level, and the local area of ​​the area can scratch free reach pre-caution for a short time.

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