The face of the orange crisis, Bolsonaro holds a review of the political and advertising record


247 – In the face of a strong political pressure that has been striking his party – the PSL – Jair Bolsonaro is a " trying to break and start the lines in a political record with the anticrime pack of Sergio Moro, which has been chronically rooted by several areas of Brazil's judges. It was not enough for the subject "Gustavo Bebianno" to "flee", the government and Bolsonaro are planning to explore television, with their president; talk about the rules proposed by Paulo Guedes for pension reform.

Folha de S. Paulo newspaper recites the movement in a direct way: "the President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) plans to tackle an agenda with a warning to defend the government's defense pressures as a result of Folha's scannal about orange party requests. The strongest confidence in politics in 49 days from the Bolsonaro government is also likely to cause the reinforcement of military power in federal administration due to the departure of his minister Gustavo Bebianno (General Administration of Leadership), and is expected The officer for the second (18). "

According to its newspaper, "the general of the Floriano Peixoto Vieira Neto, 64, should be replaced by Bebianno. If confirmed, the eighth minister departing from the military area in the government, with 22 files – and Onyx Lorenzoni (Civil House) will be the last civil servant with a seat in the Palace of Planalto. The consensus between Bebianno, Bolsonaro and Carlos, a president's son, was to move to the crisis by going to the end. calling to a minister with the minister, has been seeing in the days that have been a major concern from the government's military personnel, who now has a " try to let alone to & # 39; wear and tears.

The report also states that "within government, still fears that Bebianno" is going to go to; burn ", the governing party will appear in the Congress to present allegations about PSL teachers and the suspicion of the scheme is to reach some Another says that Pernambuco and Minas Gerais are not (…) Bolsonaro will try to reduce this enjoyment by submitting to the Legislation this week two projects that will, dealing with important regulatory flags: their violent and violent combats; developing public accounts. "

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