The fall in fairs and new healing in fuel


After a year that is very difficult, with more than 12 increases in the first 9 months, the fall in the sale of fuel. appear as a default element, at least in the short term, new rate changes.

After 2018, there was a lot of offenses, the price of the fuel would still be "quiet" in the short term.

The question is not small. In January, thousands of tourists will start paths in all types of vehicles in a & # 39; looking at a repair holiday and this creates the "quasi-natural" conditions for the founders trying to get some of the lost profits over the last few months.

In addition, when it includes the National Government officials to complete the land in the last hours of the year, announcing new increases in public services, such as gas, electricity and transport.

However, despite this context of fear for staff pockets "for now there is no dialogue about the extra increase in fuel," said a business source to co- the northwest council

The comparative stability of the changes that cost the compartments, which is added to the sales sales, means that these new results, which have been produced over 2018, do not have a new increase in inflation.


Data from the most recent official investigation published by the Ministry of Energy to describe the demand for fuel that is available. responding to November, published by the site, which shows that sales of gasoline and diesel oil for the public returned by 8.26% compared to the same period of 2017 and 2.21% if compared to October 2018.

Most of the premium Premium naphtha, which recorded an interventional reduction of 30%, as the last upgrades were recorded; take the liter to 45 pesos in and around the Force Capital.

In Chaco, the product is sold just under 50 pesos per liter, and a 59% increase in 2018.

The arrangement indicates that this book should be transferred to Super, 16% cheaper, although the equation is not far from the line, These vessels resign only 2.74%.

Lower B & B; Reverting in Euro Diesel (9%) providers while the Level 2 diesel, linked to production, agriculture and transport, was 7.88%.


Gasoline prices were set in November 2018, 76.9% above the previous level registered year in an overhead case and 78.5 in Premium naphtha.

On a diesel basis, in November 2018 83.6% were higher than November 2017 (level 2) and 86.1% in terms of level 3 diesel.

In any case, it should be remembered, according to the Institute of Education on American and Latin American Revolution (although there is more expensive naphtha and diesel in Chaco na in other areas, showed that the increase in these levels was lower to what was encountered by other departments.

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