The false vote on the email: The victim is injured


Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

The older driver said that it was not difficult since the money was put into the wrong place, but he was sorry because he was injured.

With regards to a false bus case, the driver drove that he was Feeling he was injured after withdrawing money to a woman who was going to hospital. "If there is someone who has a real situation in the future, people will not be willing to help because their religion is injured," he said.

Ten people did not understand it

On the afternoon of 18 February, Mr Huynh Van Cu (who lived in Ho Chi Minh City) said that he was the driver; in the story above. The man with money, unhappy, told her all the story he was in; See before leaving the station car.

So, the story will take place on the afternoon of February 15, on the # 39; Bus Number 53N-3508, Cu Chi Bus Station – Park 23/9 run by Mr Cu. When the car reached the end of Cu Chi and Hoc Mon, a sudden, sudden and sudden surrender of a woman came up, look at his stomach.

Breaking the Email: The injury is injured - 1

The driver said he had been convicted of his injury after the incident. NT for pictures.

"There were 16 people in the car, there was only one person. But I do not know what an abdominal pain is. At that time, I said the women in the & A car that looked at the situation like that, but the girls said that the real birth of the children's children, "said Cu.

In hearing that, Mr Harbor decided to drive her to the nearest hospital to allow them to go into the birth. On the way, many of the cars noticed the cars, but because of their nose to save people, they did not stop it.

"When the woman came to Hoc Mon Hospital, the woman shouted, he refused to go in. Everyone on his phone set up to talk and then they followed the The way an hospital had to stop it, "Remember it.

When you go to T.Tr. (Area 12, HCMC) to stop a & # 39; bus until the woman is down. The inn also got to the bus and sent to a male nurse who said she was beating lines.

"The hospitality told the nurse that she was a passenger in the car but was dumb, unstable, without money. He sees she is a & # 39; she pointed her pain to her stomach and so she went to the emergency room. At this time, at the hospital gate, nurses said that family members need to complete the procedures With these issues because it's a private hospital. "Seeing the poor situation, the people built a new car about a million million," Mr Cu continued.

At this time, a woman saw that the nurses did not take the exams, so they kept down, move them, and pulled up the shirt to her; inscribed and made a signal for help. Mr Quay received him to tell his nurse that he would give her 3 million VND, the hospital tried to look after her. If he's lost, call him to help him.

And when trusted is injured

After the nurse agrees and pushed the carriage away, the bus continued on his way. However, the error of its & # 39; sad women who were mad at her; He had a heavy heart attack at the end of the day, so he could go to a place to call and ask his mother to be a square child. Nurse does not just state that he is currently being investigated and can not get immediate data.

The bus bus is on the email: The injury is injured - 2

The image of a woman holding her belt is her; Many people think they are pregnant and are going to be in a position; birth. CTV drawing.

When he reached the bus station, Mr Cuan followed his & her; asked and was damaged when he heard that her nurse says she was not pregnant. The hospital will crack carefully with fear of stomach pain, but it's okay. According to the nurse, after studying, she wanted to go to the nursing home and finally asked her away and was taken to the nearest bus stop.

"I see that I have to save people before my eyes start, first, there is a mother, then the baby in the inside but who is there; think the people are foolish. If they love them, I need to accept it but I know now But at that time, I saw a big belt, "said Cu.

Mr Cu said, the 3 million dong is not big, but he had to drive regularly for a week without eating or drinking. He said: "I'm not sorry at all. I also suffer from difficult situations, so I help people, and people do not really , his cook is bitter after that. "

The old driver said that it was not difficult since the money was put into the wrong place, but it was sad because of his injuries that he was injured, not only for him but also a lot of other travelers. He said that his wife went to a charity, if it was true, continued to go to her; help, but did not expect …

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Introducing "pregnant women" into the emergency hospital, the owners of buses in Saigon are worried about the authorities that are infected. control for running …

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