The famous celebrity person Yo-Yo Ma presents a free free reception in Montreal metro


When the subway was bent down and a cold wind stopped; Outside, the Place-des-Arts metro station on Saturday afternoon was not a sufficiently tight spot and the appropriate acoustic theater was used for Yo-Yo Ma.

But when the renowned musician by the people with a $ 2.5 million spell on his back, the station changed to the hall to become a concert hall, and the supporters, to arts supporters – just for a short time.

"This is brilliant – in a metro, for everyone," said Ma, a & # 39; welcomes the people in French. "And now I want to play something for you and we'll see what happens."

It was behind the failure of the police to allow other metro users to ban on their concerts, hundreds of fans were quietly instantly when the Chinese-American nobleman started a & # 39; plays the little rooms for one-person cello, and has been famous all over the world.

Superstar Y-Yo Ma Superstar made a free concert at the Center des Arts center station in Montreal on Saturday 8 December 2018.

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Montreal Gazette

But this time, however, his concert was a " including not just passing the metro, but the sounds of the birds are going on; gutting and clogging churches as strategic sounds in Montreal.

Along with his / her concert at his & # 39; Maison Symphonique Friday, a free Maestro concert in the "Bach" project was part of the "Small Project" to play six seats by Johann Sebastian Bach for one-person cello in 36 places on a six- territories.

After large concerts all over the world, a "day of activity" is designed to use culture – especially Bach's music – to bring people together to understand each other and build a stronger society.

In August, Ma played at an amphitheater in Denver, and in September, he played in Leipzig, in Germany, before returning to Washington, DC, in November.

On Saturday, he set up an advanced level at the Place des Arts metro.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma plays at a subway station in Montreal, Saturday, 8 December 2018.

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"In a meter, you're all tied together because you travel together from one place to another," said Maoil, who has been the Messenger Nations of Peace since 2006 "This brings us together."

After a few readings of poetry in English, French and Spanish with the cello, Moses played in particular, and one last song, "for me, that means Montreal" – Hallelujah Leonard Cohen.

Everyone knew the siege.

When the art supporters returned to riding machines, STM President Philippe Schnobb thanked Ma and everyone else who had been working on the multimedia show.

"This is art in the metro," said Schnobb. Some people had come to the station in particular so they could see Yo-Yo Ma, and others fell on his / her; concert, he said.

"They go home and say:" I do not know what happened this evening, I went out to go to # 39; I run some of the statements and I ended up. sings Hallelujah by Yo-Yo Ma. "

Superstar Y-Yo Ma Superstar made a free concert at the Place des Arts metro station in Montreal on Saturday 8 December 2018.

Dave Sidaway / /

Montreal Gazette

The live live concert was on the Facebook's Facebook page.

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