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▲ What is the reason why Ke Wenzhe's re-election is so hard? The most important main point is that several original supporters suspect that the original P. Ke P is not the case (a picture of pictures / NOWnews photographs)

If you have asked this question two months ago, the answer must be impossible. Just a cry, President Ke Pye!

However, if public opinion is similar to water that is in a position, flow or change in the world, which can be considered to be raped by the general manager of the Agricultural Housing Market Marketing and Marketing Company, the Yu Korean, which will turn into an election Ka Beyond being alone, a & # 39; puts a great wave suddenly.

The "Common Wave" that Yu Korea has set out to create a political unprecedented political movement will change the Kuomintang culture and which shakes Kaohsiung's forces; The Advanced Democratic Party. As long as her & # 39; impact on the case, Kaohsiung's advocate, Kaohsiung's Advanced Democratic Party, who was planning to lie down, must now have a power, whole party to fight. Not only that, but even the candidates for Kuomintang local localities have received much support. Among them, the candidate is Margaret Kuomintang Taipei, Ding Shouzhong.

The seaman of Taipei has been running to shift of "one big, one middle, one small, two in one." The current re-elected headteacher, Ke Wenzhe, is the only one. He wants a white energy and is a blue and green lullaby. Supporters.

However, under the blessing of "Wave na Cornean", Blue Squad supporters returned to the team one after him, until Ding Shouzhong started, Originally selected cartoon, build up and & # 39; attract many gaps. The "Ono" event that took place in the early November of the blue troops returned to support Ding Shouzhong, and Ke Wenzhe was also a hard fight.

As Ding Shouzhong could keep up with Ke Wenzhe, the media began to spread the spread of the insurance. Some of the news said that the main purpose of the DPP's main objective is to allow Ding Shouzhong to be elected. Although the content of this report has been rejected immediately, there are still many people who believe it is real, which is a great deal. influencing the selection of a well-known Democratic Party Democrat Yao Wenzhi in Taipei. Carelessly, it can fall.

In this atmosphere, Yao Wenzhi asked for the legislation and wanted to reinforce the dark green votes. The DPP filed 30% of the basic elements in Taipei. The Taipei City Capital elections this year was 2.16 million, with a 70% voting level, 1.5 million votes. Judgment from the election situation; At the moment, Yao Wenzhi does not have to drive 30% and 450,000 votes. As long as the number of votes exceeds 200,000 votes, or even 300,000 votes; Invasion, Ke Wenzhe could lose Ding Shouzhong.

It's a question, why is Ke Wenzhe re-elected so hard? The most important main point is that several original supporters suspect that the original P. Ke P is not

At first, it was thought that Ke P was the most powerful, and both parties were not in the eyes of the blue and green parties. Now, Wu Yining, general manager of the Taipei Agricultural Tactics Marketing Company, does not seem to do anything due to the Green View's high quality vision.

Today, Yao Wenzhi protects the dark green and his / her; protect political life with revolutionary movements. Little by little, Ding Shouzhong collected the Blues and sat down to look at one. If he did a deadly trick before an election, for example, he indicated that Jiang Wanan would be willing to become a deputy seaman.
Ke Wenzhe will be the enemies on either side. When thinking about getting into his style, re-election Wu Yinning when he names his next election. This will strengthen the basic support of white power, and including middle voters and light green and blue, to ensure the impact, High ground.

● Author: Cheung Lai Wei / Professor of Television and Radio Taiwan Department of the Arts of the Arts, the Media Presidency Charity Media, chairman of the Chinese Management Communications Association

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