The FAO Schwarz friendly toy store resumes it


NEW YORK (AP) – Three years after closing its toy store on Fifth Avenue, FAO Schwarz has returned to New York.

New FAO opened Friday at Rockefeller Manhattan Center, about 10 blocks from the former home near Central Park.

For over 150 years, FAO Schwarz knew in New York City for her classical and sometimes expensive toys. The fantasyland source opened on Fifth Avenue in 1986 was a popular tourist attraction, full of subject song, drummers that were like palace guard and music clock tower. The parent company has difficulties with financial difficulties and increases this source in 2015, but FAO is now in a position; withdrawn from the worst financial stock since its establishment in 1862.

In the past few weeks at Rockefeller Square, staff would drill, and # 39; crawl and crawl 24 hours a day until the new store was ready. Workers would complete shelves with hundreds of well-known and well-known animals; definition of the bees, hazards, elephants, chicks and more. The large entrance clock tower has returned. And in the second phase of the 20,000-square space there is a great piano mat mat like the one on which the "Han" danced to "Heart and Soul" in a "Big" movie.

The 20-footed 60-piece instrument is displayed on the top of the room for people in the plot below. There was a replica replica that cost $ 128.

There is also a grocery shop where shoppers can be among artificial produce, and & # 39; filled with small cards, guard watch and kitchen supplies. For $ 75, another interactive station offers children the opportunity to; adopting baby hymns, and a "nurse" provides lessons on how to deal with them. Live magic displays will be held close by, by side of a place to rule normal cars. A 27-inch rocket ship has a maximum capacity; cover with bear astronauts filled.

"We are about experiences. That's different from other toy stores," said David Niggli, FAO's trading chief executive.

In hitting worldwide marketing, FAO pop-up shops will also be opening for the holidays in England, Spain and Australia. Designed as to & # 39; market for a permanent shop at a Beijing center as well as smaller retail venues at airports and elsewhere throughout the USA and Canada.

FAO Schwarz has been going through corporate initiatives over the last few years as sellers have been able to. Strive to change online sales. It was purchased in 2002 by Right Start Inc., who was filed for a breakdown twice. Toys "R" That's the next owner. He sold the FAO's name to the ThreeSixty Brands based in California in 2016 before revealing a recent breach.

FAO was founded in 1862 by the German emigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz, specializing in high toys, some of which were introduced from Europe. By the 20th century, in shops throughout the country, diverse varieties included a $ 1,500 Etch-A-sweatshirt and a Barbie teaspoil teasball board for $ 25,000.

There are some things that are not provided in the new shop but there are also lots of valuable items too.

"We have beautiful artistic pieces here, like rocky horses, but there are also things that are $ 10 too," said Niggli. "Some of these things are ever over the crop. I think that's part of what you're going to see FAO. It's part of magic."

The most lucrative item sold could be a child-friendly Mercedes Benz, which was covered by 44 Swarovski crystals. Basic price: $ 25,000.

"Without the FAO foundation. The ever-before classes and things you've ever seen," said Niggli.

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