The fascinating song Leeds fans are loyal to Bielsa


Since joining Leeds United in the Competition, the second English football division is in the United States. gives two direct increases to Premier League, Marcelo Bielsa Argentineach began to win a prize in Ingaleterra. The rosarino team will show good play, & # 39; benefits and all followers who complete Elland Road week after week.

The British actor Micky Perr He had already been launching the Bohemian Rhapsody women's start-up version, hit his & her; band, last September. Queen, but now, with the team in the second place just one of the leader, City Norwich, and five points ahead of the third, sheffield, a group of Leeds supporters was the case but it was done.

Before singing the subject in the cappella radio studio and with another letter. However, this time, they changed the music and additional instruments. And the paper entitled Bielsa Rhapsody He is already successful.

"Open your eyes, look at the sky, Leeds is a Leam, just Leeds follower, from the family of Leeds, as it is easy to come, Marcelo, Heckingbottom must leave, to the effect, because it's very important. Leeds … ", says part of the song.

And then he follows: "Very late, late late, 15 years have passed … I got a penny on my back, playing League One all the time, Adis Championship, we wanted to go, we wanted all left behind … ".

For the time, and as long as the fans are Leeds they enjoy football the set Bielsa and they dream about going to & # 39; returning to the Prime Minister after the increase of 15 years, the "Crazy"He is working quietly to prepare his team for the 22nd date. This is Saturday, from 11 in Argentina, who visits Bolton to explore three points that will allow you An interesting trip to Norwich, visiting Bristol City, and his case to find out on the summit of war.

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