The female doctor's opinion is unsuitable for the patient


On November 19th, Le Thuy Nguyet, Deputy Director of the Thanh Khe Health Center (Da Nang City), confirmed that the center had reviewed a female doctor because of a bad idea of ​​the patient. during the test.

Pregnancy of females seen properly with patients - Picture 1

Thanh Khe Area Health Center – where the event took place

Prior to that, at noon 2-11, the TTB (SN 2007) patient was taken to the emergency room at the pediatric center of Thanh Khe District Health Center due to the difficulty in the breath breathed. When a family member asked for an electrocardiogram, a female doctor was thrown into a medical examination and said, "Get a medical test. Very ugly, the patient's family has shown the event to the board of directors.

By confirming, the District Health Center stated that when there were requests and words unreasonable at her; children in a childcare clinic, mother B. Doctors told family members without the doctor's "order". The area's health center has worked and the doctor has identified shortcomings as a result of a barrier. The District Health Center also disrupted the patient's mother B. Because the doctor is not in the right way, the patient is unhappy.

V. Quyen

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